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The term online Television gets tossed around a lot by different people of late. No doubt you came across the term (and search for it)because someone told you about it and how convenient it can be. Online television or as some people like to refer to it as internet television is basically a general term that covers the delivery of television shows and other video content over the internet. Things have changed from the times people could only watch their favourite shows only on television, now they are able to watch them anytime anywhere on their computers.
Today, almost every major broadcaster around the world is operating an internet-television platform which means that people can catch up with all kinds of television, be it Asian television, American television, African Television basically television shows from any part of the world. Most sites maintain archives so that users can watch content that has already been aired on standard-broadcast television. However, these archives can vary from a few weeks to
months to years, depending on the curator and the type of content so if for example someone wants to watch one of their favourite African TV shows from like two months back, they would be able to find it. The beauty about this is that users get to choose the content or the television show they want to watch from an archive of content or from channel directory. One can choose to either stream directly or download straight to their computer.
Online television can not only be used for entertainment but it can also be used as an online marketing tool. A web presence is essential for a business to grow in all dimensions and is the best way to develop or sell your products and services to prospective local and international clients. Online marketing allows you to build a truly virtual company that you can operate from anywhere and that doesn't require your physical presence. In this case it would work in a way that someone can just post or advertise a product on a site that attracts a lot of traffic and out of the people who view the advert or posting some could actually buy the product or service. If you promote product, like online television services you can use, online marketing there is no physical item to hold, touch and smell. So that is why it's a good practice to invest in online marketing which in turn will bring you good returns.

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Written by Linda an online African Tv critic [email protected]

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