Teens Gambling

By: Firoj Khan

Today's generation is growing up with gambling all around them. During school holidays, they go to the casino. No names are necessary, users can chat freely. So using a fake ID, they began to make regular trips to the Casino. And they have Adolescent Gambling problem.

Though games like lotteries are still a part of the criminal code, the government for years has not controlled gambling. According to a survey only 30% teens never gamble, while 70% play gamble. And 15% are at risk for problems, 8% are problem gamblers. The social gambler goes with a set amount of money and just wants to have fun. A pathological gambler is addicted to the rush he gets while gambling, that win or lose, he will do anything to stay in the game

Most teens experiment with gambling at some point (i.e., lottery tickets, sports betting, poker games or internet gambling), between 4 and 10% will develop gambling problems. Problem gambling is any gambling behavior that has a bad effect on your life or the lives of people close to you parents, brothers and sisters, your friends.

Teens have so many reasons to tell, why they play it!

For excitement, challenge, gambling has been a common and visible activity in their home. They see it as a natural part of their leisure activity.

How we find out, a friend have gambling problem? There are some signs given below to recognize.

Lose time at school or work due to gambling.

If you think gambling ever made your life happy

If you return to gambling as soon as possible after losing

If you celebrate any good fortune by going gambling

Discuss your family about values of money. If possible, speak to someone you can trust about the problem like a counselor, teacher, doctor. Friends and family need to acknowledge the problem by identifying it and naming it clearly. If you gamble, think about what spoken and unspoken messages you may be giving to your children about gambling.

Focus on their strengths to help them develop a strong sense of self-worth. If you or your family have concerns you would like to discuss, confidential help is available.

Online betting, especially, can become addictive because the gambler loses track of time, and if using a credit card, does not see hard cash fleeing.

Teens with gambling problems were also likely to be heavier users of tobacco and alcohol, and to have used illicit drugs such as marijuana. Much of their gambling involves informal bets with family or friends: cards or board games for money; outcome of sports events; games of skill such as pool, golf, darts.



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