Teen Drug Use Warning Signs

By: Keith Allen

Problems of teen drug abuse are common among most teenagers of the day. Drugs are chemical substances with both harmful and therapeutic properties. Intake of drugs having high concentrations of gold, lead, or silver is beneficial to your health. However, a teen using harmful drug like Nicotine is illegal and leads to teen drug abuse.

Adolescence is a period of experimentation and adolescents feel inquisitive about trying out different things. These things also include trying out means to reduce stress, get a high, or just use drugs or substances because their peer group is using it. It is to assert your capability to be at par with everyone. Therefore, you fall into this vicious circle thereby experiencing teen drug abuse symptom.

The problem of teen drug abuse is not a feature with every teenager. It is but very common among depressed teenagers, those lacking in self-confidence, or coming from a family of drug addicts. Prominent indicators include excessive fatigue with red glazed eyes and regular coughing or become hyperactive and extremely restless. Frequent health complaints with sharp increase or fall in weight and an overall sloppy appearance are common symptoms.

Symptoms of teen drug abuse are evident in the personality changes of teens. You are more irritable with a general lack of interest in anything. You tend to change friends often and behave irresponsibly. Mood changes are common and lack any reasoning. You become pessimistic and go into bouts of depression.

Victims of teen drug abuse develop a negative attitude and move further away from their family. You become secretive and at times do not return home for long periods. Verbal and physical abuses with indiscriminate lying are the order of the day and you start arguing at every small incident. Disappearance of cash and money from the house is a very evident symptom.

You can locate drop in grades and frequent absences from school. Disciplinary problems with a lack of interest in sports or other extra curricular activities also indicate teen drug abuse. You also develop problems with the law. In all, you as an individual undergo massive changes, which are detrimental to your well-being.

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