Team National Review-Did Dick Loehr Start a Good thing?

By: Matthew Strout

I love it when someone catches a vision and takes it all the way to the finish line. As I uncovered the history of Team National, Dick Loehr and his vision of a massive discount company and home business opportunity; he showed me that one person can truly make a difference. Dick focused on every day purchases made by everyday people and began negotiating discounts with companies and marketing these discounts to in the form of memberships.

This is exactly how members either save or make money today in this solid, visionary company.

In 2005 before his passing, Angela Loehr Chrysler, Dick's daughter, took the responsibilities of the company, and in her capable hands, moved Team National from 70 million to 210 million dollars in product, service and membership sales in 2008.

Giving each individual the purchasing power, or discounts, that are normally given to huge corporations is the staple of Team National. Any company that has a loyal consumer base knows it’s future sales are secure. By providing discounts to repeat customers, these companies are able to give an incentive for them to shop again.

Getting started with Team Nation will cost you at least $400, and then goes up to as high as $2,000. Since this is a top tier company the profit margin is generous for your referrals, but it does require that you have some marketing experience. Whether that be online or off-line experience.

The real money for you to make in TN by marketing the memberships and helping other do the same. They provide you with the opportunity for you to produce an on going income for you and your family by helping people save money as well as make money. The TN opportunity is there for you to provide a substantial income for your family by helping people save money and make money.

Team National is, I believe, waiting for someone to learn some solid online marketing and really take off with this company.

As successful as they have been through they years, it has come primarily through personal contact with family members and friends.

The question that arises so often among MLM’ers is…once I have talked to all my friends and family, where do I go from there? After's great product and a great company.

Of course there is that small percentage of people who just seem to have the magic it takes to make things happen. These are people who are so confident about themselves and just make friends anywhere they happen to be. I wish it were not so, but most of us are not like this and we join in with the ranks of the 95% of disgruntled ex-MLMers who had such big dreams only to see them evaporate before our eyes.

My friend here is the missing key…this whole scenario is changed if you are willing to learn how to market online properly. It is then that you will position yourself as the person being sought after by those who want to know more about Team National. It is this skill that will be a benefit not only to you and your family, but your entire team.

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A Critical Team National Review and how they supply large membership discounts on a large variety of popular products. Is this company providing the nesessary training for Your MLM Online Success?

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