Team Building Is An Art

By: carlarossouw

Team building is a long drawn process and needs extensive research and planning. It is a well observed fact that nobody can build a successful one over night, mind you, successful team, and at the same time also keep in mind that success doesn’t come by chance. One has to work towards it. Building an effective team is not only a challenge, but also, a huge responsibility for all those people who are involved in the process. The crux of the problem is how to identify the right talent. Identifying the right talent is equal to half won battle. But before team building, make sure that what are your objectives and how are you going to achieve that through this team either as a team leader or an organization.

The point is there are certain steps, if used properly will help you to build a successful team. The golden rule is, don't rush in to it. Explain the objectives in detail, how are you planning to achieve it and what end result you are expecting from the team. Idea bouncing session can be a good idea to gauge the reaction of the members towards the objectives, and at the same time, it will also give you a fair amount of idea about the commitment level of the members. It is a well established fact that no team can achieve their goal if they are not committed and passionate about the cause.

In another word, a common sense of purpose and well defined roles of theirs will not only unite them, but also, will make the life of the team leader quite easy. It is also the responsibility of the organization to give unconditional support to the team, so that accessing the resources should be uninterrupted. Sharing of thoughts is also important for the team members, which means communication plays an important role in team building. Now it depends upon the team leader whether they believe in private communication or personal. In fact both way of communication has plus and minus.

The important point is that this gesture on the part of the leader will send a positive signal to the members that somebody is out there to solve their problems, if any. We have noticed that in absence of the proper communication even the best team failed to achieve their goals because nobody was around when they (members) wanted to solve their differences and conflicting ideas. One more point, give breathing space to the team member, which means, be flexible in your approach. In a nutshell these team building activities or steps will help you a great deal in your team building process.

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