Team Building Is A Long Drawn Process

By: carlarossouw

A team is the most essential component of an organization and it has the capability to make it or beak it. In fact you might have noticed that there are certain people who love to work independently or call it behind the scene while on the other hand there are people who simply love to interact with the clients. The point is each member is either expert in his field or loves to be in his comfort zone. Now the question is how to build a success full team out of those people. Team building is all about identifying the right talent for the right job and of course patience is not merely a buzz word here but a reality.

Patience is the basic requirement because identifying the talent and then channelizing it in the right direction is not an easy task. The fact is that team building is a long drawn process because identifying the strengths of the people and then assigning them the job according to their strengths is the crux here. If you are in the process of team building in that case start it by identifying; who is going to lead the team. Make sure the team leader has certain qualities like; he/she should be articulate and should be able to lead the team from the front and at the same time should not be afraid of exploring different opportunities, etc.

Now after the leader who should be in the team and why. Donít take anybody in the board just because you think that he/she is an expert in the field. Yes, the reason is simple because we are talking about a group not about an individual; hence team member should have certain qualities like; should be a good listener, should believe in backing each other not vice versa and on the top of it should be calm under pressure, etc. Of course expertise goes with the territory. In another word knowing the job is the basic requirement that is why you have hired him/ her at the first place.

One more thing, never ever try to overlook the role played by the coordinator or mediator. Generally people think that team building is all about identifying the leader and members. Hence, they overlook the role of the coordinator or mediator because they fail to foresee that later on disputes are bound to be there because different personalities work together. At that time coordinator will work as a trouble shooter. There are certain team building exercises like; ice breaker activity, problem solving as well as communication exercise which will help you a lot. It doesnít matter whether you want to do team building in Gauteng or somewhere else the process will be the same.

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