Team Building Ideas Needs Certain Groundwork

By: carlarossouw

Nobody can deny the importance of a good team for the all-round development of any organization. It is an old proverb united we stand and divided we fall. Here it implies the unity in ideas, united effort to bring ideas into work, and unity of goal. If an organization has a good team it is bound to achieve its goal. But to have a good team, which is full of enthusiasm, devotion and commitment is not an easy task. An organization has to work for it. There are certain activities which can help in building a good team. Such activities mainly comprises of stimulating problem-solving tasks which aim at making the group members develop their capacity to work effectively together.

Selection of team building activities needs some ground work to be done. Team building involves strengthening as well as revitalizing the current team. But a leader needs to know strengths and weaknesses of the current team. There are certain issues which must be analyzed before any activity for team building is taken up. A leader should look for: if there is conflict among members of the team; do they know one another well; is there opportunistic and selfish kind of members I the team; is there proper communication among members; is there anybody who is not ready for change, do members of the group need a boost to their morale, etc.

There are various kinds of team building activities and they can be adopted as per the need, size, aim of the team as well as the organization they are working for. But some of them are of general nature and can be adopted by every kind of team. Some of such activities are: Back-to-Back Drawing, Survival Scenario, Stereotype Party, Human Spring, Mine Field, Toxic Waste, Keypunch, Amoeba Race, Multi-Way Tug-of-War, etc. But before any team building activity is used team it is necessary to see the team building ideas on which it works. Ideas are the foundation of every successful activity. Unless concrete idea is there no activity can be successful.

Working on team building ideas needs certain groundwork. Trust is the key word of every kind of healthy human relationship and team is no exception. There are certain prerequisites of a healthy and trustworthy relationship. A team leader is required to create a safe place and should be able to understand needs of team members. Healthy and constructive confrontation is also needed for team building ideas. Commitment and accountability are two important tools which make a team working and keep on working to achieve the set goal.

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