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Generally speaking, a teacher or a mentor is a person who guides, instructs or helps a student in the process of gaining knowledge, understanding or skills. A teacherís role is unique in the sense that the goal is not just to transmit knowledge or instill an understanding in the studentís mind, but to somehow bring about recognition in the studentís life. Knowledge or understanding by itself is not the goal. A student can have a broad understanding of spiritual principles but yet still cannot truly recognize those principles. So, a teacher as a mentor, can teach a lot or they may not teach anything depending on what the student needs in that moment to experience this deeper recognition of their own nature.

There is a sharp distinction between the role of a spiritual teacher and a regular teacher. The latter has something specific to transmit assuming that a student will have more understanding or have a better life when the teaching is completed. Whereas the spiritual teacher is pointing to something that is already present in the studentís inner self. There are certain qualities in each teacher which contribute greatly towards the personality development of a student. Unfortunately there are many examples of teachers that donít always live upto the expectations and fail to become an ideal teacher. In this age of ample information available on the net, one can easily do a search and thoroughly explore other peopleís experiences and perspectives. Students form a long term committed relationship with a particular teacher who is at the highest level of integrity and whom the student can always cherish in his memory. An immense kind of gratitude arises between student-teacher relationships. Itís a strange kind of gratitude as you are grateful to your teacher for everything beneficial in your life.

A teacherís role is quite vast and varied. He/she can be an adviser, role model, friend, and a mentor. The teaching experience should provide opportunities for the student teacher to ask questions and demonstrate specifically in the classrooms. Strategies include, provide regular oral and written evaluation of teaching performance; review lesson plans and provide appropriate feedback, and to continually take interest in the overall development of a student as a mentor teacher begins to assume more responsibility for the classroom instructions. Apart from guidance of teachers, students need to practice independently to search for more information on the net, using their own PCs, or classroom computer equipment. They can also use refurbished laptops or cheap used computer to carry on with their project.

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