Teach children scriptures in a fun way

By: Patric Hopes

Little Sarah is in her primary school. She is a shy girl and does not have many friends. In fact she is becoming recluse by the day. Her mother thinks that since she does not have a brother and sister or even cousins, she is not able to play at home and hence feels lonely. It could be also that since she is used to only elders at home, she cannot mix with the children at the school. She has been used to all time attention from her mother. That could also be a cause why she is not being able to adjust in the school and among the children in the class.

Whatever may be the reason for little Sarah’s desolated behavior; her parents considered that they need to do something about it. They want their daughter to behave like any other normal child; enjoy her school, play with the friends and learn new things. They had attempted several times to talk it out with little Sarah, but of no avail. Little Sarah’s parents tried to tell her stories and lessons from the scriptures so that that she is able to find a way to connect to God, his blessings and the fellow citizens. They were sure that learning the Scripture and the Gospel Tracts is surely going to help her. In fact they were correct to some extent. For the first few days, Sarah listened to the stories with great interest, however, after that it became somewhat difficult for her.

As her parents were in search of some solution to this, they come across the institution called Memory Cross. This institution is run by few very enthusiastic and creative persons whose endeavor is to create simple Origami cards with the Evangelism, Gospel Tracts and the Scriptures written on them. These cards are extremely creative, attractive and suitable for children. These cards are used in the Sunday School Activities class in the Sunday School Crafts conducted by the institution. Not only do the children find the cards to be interesting but also they find the cards easy to read and memorize the scriptures.

A visit to the place gave Sarah’s parents enough confidence that their purpose would be served. Sarah went to the institution a Sunday and she actually looked extremely happy when she came out. She had, for the first time enjoyed the class and her interaction with the teachers and her fellow mates.

She was thrilled to find some of the stories and scriptures she already knows represented in such an entertaining manner. For the first time her parents saw that she actually got involved in the process of learning and did quite well.
Not just Sarah, but her parents were also highly impressed by the origami cards and they showed it to whoever they came across and shared their happiness of getting their child out of her groove.

As she went on to attend classes in Memory Cross, she also started enjoying her regular school and mixed and gelled well with her friends there.

They also bought the Halloween tracks at great discounts from Memory Cross. With Evangelism as if a magic Box of new learning and happiness has opened for Sarah and her family.

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Memory Cross is an organization that makes origami styled cards. These colorful and easy to read cards are used in the Sunday School Crafts to teach children Gospel Tracts, Evangelism and the scriptures. Through simple Sunday School Activities the children can easily memorize those, which otherwise would have taken them years to learn.

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