Teach You How to Store Sanitary Napkin after Unpacking

By: Emma Beth

Sanitary napkins are essential commodities for a woman, one of which relates to the health of women private parts. Then after buy a sanitary napkin back, how should I store it?

Sanitary napkins cannot be placed in the bathroom

The bathroom is dark without windows in most of the family, not seen the sun all day, and there is wet, it is easy to breed mold, pollute sanitary napkins. Many female friends, because of laziness or convenience reasons, used to like put sanitary napkins in the bathroom, without knowing that this is a big taboo to use sanitary napkins, this error should be cautioned.

Each month after opening best to run out of sanitary napkins

Sanitary napkins must be kept clean and the best to run out of packages each month that have been opened, and do not use sanitary napkins and pads may have been contaminated. In the past, we believed that in the rainy day is easy to cause vaginitis for wearing wet underwear. In fact, using contaminated sanitary napkins that have been opened in this period is easy to cause the disease.

After unpacking how to store sanitary napkin

After unpacking the sanitary napkin or toilet paper and other hygiene products should be placed in a dry place, at least clean environment. Be careful not to use the product once they have the moisture, of course, there are many products in the packaging design, very humanization, and many products are sealing zipper seals or seal that can be used for many times, so that to better ensure the health and safety products.

If the sanitary storage of damp or too long, will be bad if not opened, pollution. The general non-woven fabric made of sanitary napkins for fiber material, material deterioration after moisture, bacteria multiply easily penetrated; sanitary napkins is to use high-temperature sterilization methods to achieve sterile, disposable sterilization expiration date is limited, after the deadline it is not sterile protection. Therefore, the use of sanitary napkins, we should pay attention to the validity of a one-time purchase of not too much, and not store home for long. After unpacking the sanitary napkin to be stored in a dry, clean, sterile environment, after damping and expires is unfit for use.

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