Tea Is Healthier Than Water

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It has been proven by medical experts that drinking at least three to four cups of tea a day is as good as drinking plenty of water. However, with tea, you will get extra health benefits. Well, this is indeed good news for most tea lovers. Before the study, the belief was that tea drinking might cause loss of fluids and dehydration. Well, the truth is, tea is far more beneficial than water.

Researchers have been analyzing the benefits of water and tea. The finding was astonishing. Just like water, tea rehydrates and it can also protect you from a wide range of health problems like cancer and heart disease. Water replaces fluid in the body. But tea replaces fluid as well as contains polyphenol antioxidants and flavonoids.

Our body needs antioxidant to fight back the attacks of free radicals. You will not find antioxidants in water. Organic green tea and black tea have antioxidants 10 times more than you can find in fruits and vegetables.

Tea has a rich source of flavonoids, which function as antioxidant. Flavonoids enhance the processing vitamin C, which itself is a very powerful antioxidant. Flavonoids are needed for the maintenance of capillary walls and protection against any infections. Flavonoids deficiency can lead to easy bruising.

Tea also contains fluoride, which is good for teeth. It will protect against plague and prevent any tooth decay. The ingredients in tea help in making bones stronger also.

Another great thing about tea is that you can have various options to pick from, unlike water. There are many types of tea available today. The most beneficial tea today is perhaps the organic green tea. Consuming organic green tea offers a wide range of health benefits like weight loss, protection against Alzheimer and lower risk of certain cancers to name a few. Organic oolong tea’s health benefits include reducing chronic bodily conditions like inflammatory disorders, provide vital antioxidant and promote robust skin. Pu-erh tea has a wide range of health benefits like anti aging, diabetic control, prevent heart disease and cancer, remove toxins to cure dysentery, inflammation, improve eyesight, aid in digestion and weight loss, blood circulation and revive people who are overly intoxicated with alcohol. Organic white tea is one of the rarest and most expensive, but it helps our body's immune system to fight off dangerous infections and viruses, which can cause bacteria.

So, now you see why tea is favored by most. It is as healthy as it is delicious.

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