Tanning Booths Or Tanning Beds?

By: Brittany Jackson

Historically, tanning beds had very low output and took up to 30 minutes to achieve tanning results, no wonder Stand-Up Tanning Booth's didn't exist back then. Who would want to stand for 30 minutes while Tanning? Today, most modern Tanning Salons have done away with the old technology. Some units, particularly Stand-Up Tanning Booths get you incredible results in 9 minutes or less.!br>
Imagine your first visit to a modern Tanning Salon, you want to build a base tan, you are a skin type 2...you ask for a bed because that's all you know and you end up laying down to tan for only 4 minutes. Since Tanning beds are more powerful, your session is over before you know it. Maybe this made more sense when you had enough time to take a little siesta. This is why many tanners see the light. Stand up tanning booths offer many advantages over the tanning bed.
=> NO TAN LINES - While traditional tanning beds may be more relaxing, they do not offer that all over, even tan. In many cases, while using a lay down tanning bed, tanners normally see tan lines under their arms, around their buttocks and under the chest area. Some tanners also notice white spots caused by pressure points. This is because your skin is pressed tight against the acrylic not allowing proper blood circulation. The skin needs blood circulation to tan effectively. Luckily, tanning salons are offering stand up tanning booths for tanners who wish to have no visible tan lines or pressure points. Because most tanners keep their arms raised in a stand-up tanning booth (holding on to hand grips), the UV rays are able to tan the entire body. In stand up tanning booths you are going to get a lot darker in a shorter amount of time because the lamps are positioned 360 degrees, all around you.
=> MORE HYGENIC & COMFORTABLE - Let me show you another benefit of using a stand up tanning booths. While every tanning bed is thoroughly sanitized between each use, stand up tanning offers a lower risk of contamination because tanners have virtually no contact with acrylics. You also stay dry and comfortable in a stand-up because of the air circulating evenly around you. Many people can now stop in for a stand-up tan in the middle of their day still feeling refreshed.
In conclusion, YOUR TIME IS VALUABLE Get in and out and on with your day. You will get better results in less time using stand-up tanning booths. Tanning booths heat up quicker and are a lot warmer. No more laying on a cold acrylic is necessary. Stand up tanning offers better and faster results than a traditional lay down bed. Make a switch today! Remember...Everything in Moderation.

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Brittany, manager at Utan TheraSpa, has been using a stand up tanning booths for several years. It is so much quicker giving you better results. She lives in Carleton Place, Ontario with her boyfriend and dog.

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