Taking Care of a Handbag – Critical Tips to Bear in Mind

By: loyallisa

Admitted or not, handbags, shoes, jewellery and other fashion accessories are never enough for women. Some fashion craving ladies even end up possessing a glittering array of handbags in every possible color. Some handbag might get out of date with time passing by, while some can endure the test of the time, stay trendy and compliment different kinds of clothes.

However, even those handbags are professionally and meticulously created by experience designers and worth a great fortune, they might still lost their shape and shine with time passing by. This accounts for the reason why we should take good care of handbags and the following would explain some tips on how to maintain a handbag to endure the test of the time.

Check the Materials
For green hands that do not have much knowledge of handbags, it is imperative to identify the materials the bag is manufactured from. Some bags are crafted from genuine leather, while others might be made from synthetic leather, canvas or rabbit fur. Cotton and other materials are also adopted in making handbags. The maintaining ways for handbags manufactured from different materials vary a lot, and it is best to have a clear idea of what materials your handbag is crafted from.

Stuff the Bag with Newspapers
If not used for a period of time, some handbags might get stiff or brittle. Thus, using them from time to time might help to longer their lifespan. If the bag is left stored away for sometime, it is best to stuff it with some newspaper so as to keep its shape. With proper storing, the handbag can keep good shape and no wrinkles or collapse would develop.

Drying Leather Bags under the Sun
For leather handbags, water is one of the greatest enemies as it can cause mold or fungus. Drying leather handbags under the sun periodically would help a lot in preventing this. Even though some manufactures have employed a special kind of wax to keep the leather supple, enough attention should be paid to ensure that it would not discolor.

Brush the Handbags Periodically
Some handbags such as suede bags used to get dirty quite easily, therefore, brushing them from time to time can remove the dust as well as other dirty on the surface. Do choose a soft brush rather than a hard one to gently remove any lint and dust from the bag’s surface.

Dry Cleaning
Dry cleaning is a much better way to take care of the inside of the handbag. However, be careful not to use harsh cleaning agents as these might lead to discoloring of the bag.

Avoid Storing it in Plastic Bag
It is imperative to make sure that the bag is never stored in any plastic bags. Rather, cotton bags and pillow covers manufactured of cotton are much more suitable for storing handbags.

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