Taking Care of Your Eyes

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Taking Care of Your Eyes
Looking after your eyes is one of those things thatís easy to do, but something we often ignore. Getting enough sleep, eating the right foods and keeping your eyes out of harsh sunlight and UV rays are vital aspects to having shiny peepers.
Most of us are probably unaware just how significant sunlight is to the condition of our eyes and that stepping out into blinding sunshine can be fairly detrimental. We donít realise that ultraviolet rays can play a part in the development of cataracts and cornea damage and even more worryingly, macular degeneration. Itís important that you remember to wear sunglasses and you donít have to fork out a lot of money. Eye damage can be prevented by making sure that your glasses have the CE mark attached. This way you know that they conform to European safety standards.
Eating the right foods also plays a large part in eye-care. Any kind of malnourishment takes its toll on the body and the eyes are no exception to this rule. Drinking too much and eating badly can take the shine out of your hair and your eyes. Too many hangovers will leave you so bleary-eyed that eye drops will struggle to make a difference.
A diet that help can help, will include foods that are pumped full of zinc, beta carotene, vitamin C, E and omega-3 fats. All this can be found in dishes that contain sweet potatoes, apricots; green foods like broccoli, Brussels, and spinach; and vitamin-E rich foods like sunflower seeds, flax seeds (which you can sprinkle salads and cereals), and even peanut butter. Then of course thereís all the fish you can eat, to collect your Omega-3 fats like sardines, salmon and mackerel.
Never underestimate the power of a good nightís sleep. All the treatments, best sunglasses and top diets will be of little use if you donít get the right amount of rest. It is recommended that you get a good eight hours sleep a night in order to function properly and to keep your eyes sparkling.
If you wear contacts Ėas many of us do Ė remember to change them regularly and not wear them when you sleep. Also, keep your eyes hydrated with eye drops to stop them feeling tired and dried out. Lensbase do a range of soft gel contact lenses that come with special eye drops. If you want to read up on how to eat well, check out the Eat Well, Be Well website, which includes all sorts of tips and suggestions on how to include super-foods into your daily life.

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