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SEO Thailand could be the difference between your company barely staying afloat or completely blowing away the competition. As Thailand is a member of ASEAN, one of the largest economies in the world, the potential for profit is immense. All you need to do is find the right search engine optimization Thailand company to take your site from the doldrums to page one. Internet usage in Thailand is growing faster than anywhere in the world. In 2000, just 2.3 million people in Thailand used the internet. By 2010, this has grown to 17.5 million and the 20 million mark has probably already been exceeded in 2011. Google is the only search engine in Thailand worth using as just 0.97% of people use an alternative engine. As a result, SEO companies in Thailand have an easier task when it comes to optimizing your site.
What's Available
Because SEO Thailand companies face less roadblocks than other nations in the South East Asian area, search engine optimization companies are springing out of the woodwork. Per person, there are probably more SEO companies in Thailand than anywhere else in the world. A lot of these are professional organizations who know what they are doing because they have taken the time to perfect the art of SEO. These companies offer services at a low cost in comparison to their Western counterparts and do an equally good job.
Problem Companies
However, there are also an increasing number of search engine optimization Thailand companies who are looking to make a quick buck. They are taking advantage of the popularity of SEO to fleece organizations hoping to make it big in Thailand. They offer a variety of slipshod services such as spam techniques. The problem with these companies is that their illegal methods actually work for a short time which lulls you into a false sense of security. Then, you are hit with a ban after Google informs you that your SEO practices are illegal. Your SEO Thailand company vanishes into the night with your money. If you decide to fire the company, they may very well remove all the links created. This is heartbreaking for an organization because it will look like their SEO efforts never existed.
Background Check
A quick way to avoid dealing with dodgy SEO Thailand companies is to conduct a check on their previous work. Get in contact with some of their clients and see how they rate the company. Most reputable SEO companies will either have their price list on full display on their site or else they will offer you a quote after meeting you. Services offered include a website audit which may cost up to $500, freeing your site from penalties which may cost $350 and unlimited website support and link building which usually carries a monthly charge.
Your website is the key to taking advantage of the ever-growing Thai economy. Once you are ranked on the first page or two of Google for your chosen keywords, revenues should increase dramatically. A high quality SEO Thailand organization can and will help you achieve this so start researching and find the best company now!

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