Take the scenario of an email that a user receives.

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By definition spam means to send the same message indiscriminately to (large numbers of recipients) on the Internet. These days, spamming is increasing day by day. And normal internet user does not know how to avoid spam. Thatís why most of the internet users become victim of hacking, id theft, password stealing and much more frauds.
In this article readers will find out how they can avoid spam? Avoiding spam is not that difficult as most people think. Itís just the use of our own senses in a little defensive way.
For example: Most of the people click on the links that are sent to them in emails, regardless of knowing that they can infect their computers. That action can be avoided by the use of our thinking at the right time.
Take the scenario of an email that a user receives. The email is from an unknown address and has landed in his inbox instead of the junk mails. Now, what is the best option for him to do? The article will point out to some of the basic ways in which that user can avoid the email without affecting himself.
1. Do not click:
The user should keep away from clicking on that email, because he does not know what that email will hold. There are chances the email he thinks is malicious, might not be malicious and is sent to him y one of his friends. But, he does not know that for now, so he has to avoid clicking on that email.
2. Research the sender & website:
The user has to research the email that is sent to him. He can research that email on internet by using search engines. As a lot of spam emails automatically go to junk, but there are a few that email servers cannot recognize. For that purpose the user will have to check the email id and server for that email on Google. Because itís not just him, there are many other people who were also sent the same email and one of them must have complained against the sender. Researching will be enough for getting the objective of that mail. But if still, that mail was not found in the list of spam on Google than that person will have to tryÖ
3. Check there URL:
Many emails that are generated are using some website URL. The person will have to search that URL and check if itís a real domain. If itís from a trustworthy source than he can check the email otherwise he should send it to junk folder.
A word of caution, if that person wants to check the email, he can check it. But he should not click on any links that are inside that website.

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