Take A Declutter Challenge, and Finally See Results!!

By: Marlee Dorst

It's a new year, a new week, a new day... and it's time to begin the Declutter Challenge! Wouldn't you like to be able to return home to a clean, neat, peaceful house? Can you imagine working in a kitchen where all of your utensils are where they should be, and where your counter tops sparkle and beg to be filled with home made cookies instead of clutter? Start yourself on a Declutter Challenge right now! Never heard of a Declutter Challenge? Simply put, it is a challenge you give yourself (and/or your family and friends) to get a big part of your house clutter-free in a specific time frame. And it WORKS!

The One Week Declutter Challenge

This particular category of challenge will have you to reserve one whole week to your project. This will be a serious "no one can distract me" week throughout which you free your schedule with the goal of reclaiming what once wsa your decluttered home. Every day, decide on one room, lock yourself within it so to speak, and get working! Garbage bins, bins for donations and for consignment shops, and certainly some ordinary cleaning supplies will be your must-haves. Pull your spouse, your girlfriends, or your family along for the ride! The bigger your assistance, the bigger your accomplishment!
Perhaps you'll be better off to cut back and assign yourself a One Week Kitchen Declutter Challenge, or a One Week Garage Declutter Challenge. Don't worry about it! Commit yourself to decluttering for seven days (and really, what is 7 days in the scheme of things), and you will certainly bring order back to a big part of your cluttered home!

The 2010 in 2010 Declutter Challenge

This category of Declutter Challenge is a favorite. Commit yourself to decluttering (by selling, throwing out, or donating) 2010 items in the course of the year 2010. Does that sound like way to much? If you do the math though, it is not too crazy at all. 2010 divided into 365 days is only 5.5 items every day. Look around you... the junk drawer, the cupboard under the stairs, your office, the work shop... that makes it seem more do-able now, does it? Keep track by ticking it off on the calendar or somewhere handy, and watch the clutter melt away!
Yet another way it is possible to do the 2010 Declutter Challenge is to commit 2010 minutes specifically to decluttering! That is 33.5 hours.... An awful lot until you remember that there are actually 8,760 hours in one year! This is not even one 45 minute session per week! BUT, 2010 minutes is sufficient to get a LOT decluttered!

The 30 Day Declutter Challenge

The final category of challenge is referred to as the 30 Day Declutter Challenge, and the idea is that on each of the 30 days of the month you declutter one object or area of your home, big or small. The things can vary from the bottom shelf in your spare room closet to your son's old sports equipment in your work shop, from your underwear drawer to the stationery collection that gets stuffed in the office closet. The secret is to be realistic with your chore assignment. Assigning "put photographs collected the last 4 years into photo albums" probably isn't do-able in a single evening, but possibly "sort the photographs into piles or envelopes by the occasion or child and get rid of pictures you won't need to keep" COULD be done!
As soon as your chores are assigned, think about giving yourself a reward to look ahead to after your 30 Day Challenge ends victoriously! Yes, it will be rewarding enough to see your clutter-free home, you most likely know that we have a tendency to give more energy to our work if we have something tangible to get from our hard work!

So, the "One Week Declutter Challenge", and the "2010 in 2010 Declutter Challenge", and the the "30 Day Declutter Challenge"... three fantastic ways to begin decluttering your house! Which challenge are you going to do?

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Interested? Want more information on how one can take a Declutter Challenge? Click the link! The final outcome of ANY OF THEM will be a much less cluttered home - a place where you will enjoy being, enjoy hosting your friends, and enjoy living! Also check out www.declutterdiva.info for some additional excellent decluttering advice!

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