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The LeapPad explorer tablet by Leapfrog has been referred to as the iPad for kids.First there was the iPad after which there was the iPad for kids - enter the LeapPad Explorer Tablet. There has been a lot hype surrounding it’s release and I had the good fortune to be able to get my hands on one for a recent review. . I wrote my review and what I discovered is that people kept on emailing me and asking the same questions. Before you decide to buy one of these gizmo's let me present you a collection of questions that were asked of me, hopefully this can assist you before you buy.

Is it suitable for kids?

Oh yes! It has been designed for children. It's a child model of the iPad. The apps and games are designed for children, sure there's some great iPad stuff for kids however the explorer tablet is dedicated to them.

Will my children simply be playing games on it?

The games are designed to be educational and enjoyable at the same time. You child will enjoy learning as they play and they will think it's a part of the game.

Can my little one read stories on the explorer tablet?

Yes there are some great stories available and they also include sound effects and music to accompany them which makes them that extra bit special for your child.

I’ve heard that there's a way of putting the children into the stories, is that true?

Yes, there is a built in camera and microphone and your little one can take a picture of themselves and they're going to feature within the stories. It's nice enjoyable!

What number of video games and apps are there, is it worth buying?

At the time of writing there are a hundred+ games and apps and this quantity is growing all of the time so there aren't any shortage of things to do with the explorer tablet.

What else can it do?

There is a video camera, a microphone and different nice little options to be found on the tablet. One function of the microphone is to act as an input device, for example your little one can blow into the microphone and it will blow dry the hair on the virtual pet. There is avast array of issues that this little laptop can do including acting as a drawing tablet with the in-built stylus or as flash playing cards to assist your child bear in mind things.

I was thinking about buying the cheaper leappad explorer, why shouldn’t I?

Everything you could get with the explorer tablet is compatible with the LeapPad exlorer. There are extra options on the tablet model as a result of it is more up to date. The tablet will also give your child more exposure to the real world of IT and mobile tablet computing which appears to be the future of the IT world right now.

Does it have a keyboard?

There is an on screen keyboard but your child will also use their finger OR the fashionable stylus that comes with the device. The screen is a touch display screen which responds once you finger or the stylus comes into contact with it. The screen is 5 inches tall which is good for younger children.

Is it robust, will it last?

Yes it has been designed to be durable and stand up to the tough play of children.

Can I monitor what my youngster does on it?

Yes there is an option to monitor the progress of your child within the apps that you can get with the computer. The statistics will show what your baby is studying and perhaps the place you may help them some more.

Is there anything else I should know?

The apps and video games can even help your child learn important skills such as hand to eye co-ordination, social skills and responsibility. After all there additionally the usual curricular activities covered too such as literacy, numeracy, geography and more.

I imagine the LeapPad Explorer Tablet is likely one of the finest investments you could give your child and I hope these answers have helped you decide whether it's for you. Without doubt you could wish to look additional and there's a nice web site listed under so that you can check out. There you will see that videos of the explorer tablet, extra information, reviews and prices.

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