TVI Review, Is It a Scam?

By: Bob B Howard

There are numerous good multi level marketing companies and TVI Express is one of those. The MLM industry as a whole has been frowned upon because of some legitimate companies that were scamming their members. For some reason the broad population thinks that means every MLM companies are scams. That is just not true just as every corporate executive is not like those that were at Enron. The truth is that most are legitimate and very legal. Has ba thing been in the news about MLM companies, yes but that frankly is not the norm. Most are legitimate and especially those that have been around a while just as with most businesses or corporations.

Travel Ventures International or TVI for short has joined the travel and tourism industry with the Internet and the home based business. TVI gives the average person the facility to manufacture an income from their home using the Internet selling travel packages. How would you like to be able to make an on-going income from the comfort of your home without working all the time. There are 4 ways to earn income and 72% of the sales revenue is paid out to distributors.

This can be a splendid business opportunity. The sincere question is how can you as a TVI distributor talk to 10,20,30 or more people a calendar day about your business. You could take the long-established tactic and talk to all your associates and relatives, chasing them down just to comprehend they won't answer the phone or just evade you like the plague. Or you can purchase lists and make cold calls, that is something everyone loves to do. Or you may got to malls and talk to people there That gets old as well. Frankly you can do that and many people have built large businesses doing that but frankly most people can not and will not. This course of action is hard to duplicate for most. You need a course of action that almost anyone can do so your team does what you do.

If you could have a web page which people are led to that allows you to talk to 30 or more people a day. What do you think that would do to your TVI business. A good marketing system will do just that. Now I am not going to tell you that everyone can do this. But If you are really serious this can be done and is done.

Additionally, of those that you do talk to about your business 95% of them will not join your business. For those that do not join how much money do you make. Normally the answer is none but with the right online system and affiliate programs you can make money off of that 95%. How would you like to be able to do that? Well, all you need is the right system and team to be plugged into and you can. Have you gotten to where you are ready to change

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