TSA Checks: Why You Should Comply With These Regulations

By: Edward Hanson

For frequent flyers, you must have dreaded the long queues every time you have to get past through the mandatory airport security checks. TSA or otherwise known as the Transportation Security Administration is the regulating body that is in charge of the entire air travel security system. You have to get past each check when you fly.

It is widely known as the TSA Pre, this particular procedure pre-screens and pre-approves passengers so they can go through various security checks faster, all these without having to remove their shoes, electronic devices, belts, and more. You might ask, does the TSA Pre really work? Why should I comply with these regulations?

TSA Requires All USA-Based Flyers To Participate

The TSA or Transportation Security Administration has set up a program where there is an expedited screening, however just not too long ago, only those who are classified as frequent flyers on handpicked airlines were able to participate in the PreCheck program of the TSA. Nevertheless, the TSA has just made public that it will enable all US citizens to participate and apply for the background check so as to avoid the long queues at the security checkpoints.

The US TSA Administrator has mentioned that they are happy to expand their security efforts, altogether with their airline and airport partners, as they move away from a holistic approach into a more risk-based and smart transportation security program.

This program is very important for frequent flyers as they can conveniently go through all required checks easily and fast. Moreover, this curtails any terrorism plots that are widespread worldwide wherever you go. As a precautionary measure, this helps the US aviation security department to keep tabs on the passengers, and it finally assures all passengers of their safety while on flight.

How To Apply & Qualify For A PreCheck

Frequent US flyers who are interested in participating or enlisting to the PreCheck program of the TSA must initially submit their personal information and details at the TSA website, which will also include copies of their fingerprints. The moment they pass the background check and they have paid $85.00 dollars for a 5-year term, they will get an identification number. This will help them save time in the long queues whenever flying anywhere within the US.

The minute you have qualified for a PreCheck, when you book a ticket online with certain airlines that are part of the program, you will enter the corresponding ID number in the space provided on the screen. The passenger will not know if they have been pre-approved until such time that they get to the airport and their boarding pass has been scanned by a resident TSA officer.

As soon as approved, they will have access to specialized lanes at the airport that enables them to keep their belts and shoes on, and any of the liquids they have on their carry-on bags which must not exceed 3.4 ounces in total.

But, always remember that pre-approved passengers will nevertheless have to walk past the TSA security scanning machines, and may still be frisked by TSA staff should they deem it necessary. But, at the same time they will be able to leave behind their footwear, belts and other light jackets or outerwear on, and keep their laptops in their carry-on instead of removing them and placing them in the specialized trays provided for security purposes.

As of this writing, there is no specific date as for the expanded service of the PreCheck program by TSA. However, as soon as it opens it will be implemented first on major airports such as LaGuardia, Washington Dulles International, John F. Kennedy International, O’Hare and San Francisco International airports. There are approximately twelve million frequent flyers who are presently enlisted to the program and TSA together with major airlines are anticipating about three million people to enroll before the year ends.

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