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Coffee is now consumed by 1/3rd of the world population. The demand of coffee worldwide has exceeded double past one decade, and is increasingly increasing, through the practice of consuming the same varies from place to place, like in India, people prefer coffee with milk, but the delight of the same is when one hops into a coffee joint.

There are two types lavazza coffee machines namely the manual piston and the spring piston design. With the manual piston, the operator directly pushed the water thorough the grounds, and in the spring designed piston, the operator works to tension a spring, which then delivers the pressure for the espresso. The machines are mechanized in such a manner that they just donít grind the beans but also brew the same with water and milk and serve as required. The milk is counted here is because the lavazza coffee tastes best with milk due to its thickness. Any other espresso machine coffee taste different from that of a lavazza coffee machines because when the coffee is poured in the cup from the machine, it comes out with good amount of pressure, which maintains the flavor and the aroma of the same.

If you happen to maintain a domestic coffee maker machine, then it is always advisable to buy coffee pods, because firstly buying a pouch of coffee bean is expensive then it is all you who have to take the responsibility of roasting, grinding and processing for the beverage, and secondly these compact machine does not possess any additional jar or chamber which will roast, and grind the bean, thus the machine forces one to buy coffee pods, which is advantageous and comparatively cheaper than the whole labour.

The most common pack in the coffee pods or the coffee capsules are the single serve coffee pods, which brews only one cup of coffee at one, go. If we talk about the functioning of single serve coffee pods, it is noted that the top cover and bottom cover of the capsule is pierced while making number of holes, enabling the water to brew the coffee well. The single serve coffee pods are actually pre packed ground coffee beans and has its own filter. Both a capsule and a coffee pod, reduces the time needs to brew the coffee, and simplifies the brewing process. The pods and capsules of the serves are pre measured, eliminating the need to measure for the portions. The pouches also contain flavoring and additives in large quality to not only help the coffee taste best but also help preserve the coffee in its pouch or the capsules.

The single cup coffee pods are identically plastic or metal coffee capsules which sound functioning, because paper bags become costly since they are individually sealed and in separate bags and is normally used for large commercial joints where there are other carrying accessories with the machines.

In every case there are the good and the cheap services and in case of beans and grains, the matter is the most, because the health of the plant all depends upon the geographical factor of the land. The cheap coffee pods are judges by the time it takes to brew, and basically even if the brewing is done the bean lacks strength and flavor.

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