By: Thomas H. Lindblom

When you buy yourself a house, you look at it like a life time investment and you therefore pride yourself in looking after it and upgrading it when necessary.

The first thing most people do to upgrade or change the appearance of their house is give it a fresh coat of paint. Some people may hire someone to do this which can be costly, while others will take the challenge on and do it themselves. There are many types of paints available these days that give you different looks and finishes, so make sure you talk to a professional so you do not become confused.

There are two types of base paints to choose from, a solvent based paint or a water based paint. Solvent based paints generally dry slower taking up to 24 hours and need to be cleaned up with turps, while water based paints dry quickly and are easily cleaned up with soap and water.

Also when choosing your paint, you will need to consider the sheen factor as there are different sheens to choose from for example a high gloss finish or a matt finish. Gloss paints are easy to clean and are best used in areas like the kitchen, on wood work or in high traffic areas. High gloss paints are used to highlight features. Semi gloss paints are the same as gloss paints but they do not have the high sheen look, this type is ideal for bedrooms. Egg shell paints are ideal for large areas like lounge rooms as they have a low sheen finish. Matte paints are non reflective and are ideal for all walls and ceilings. It is also good as it does not easily show up dents and chips.

Before painting your walls, ceilings etc some preparation needs to done, some walls and ceilings require primers before paint can be put on to them. If this is not done, paint can just soak into the materials. Also there are special paints to be used in places like bathroom ceilings where it helps against fungi growing due to excess condensation.

Ensure you speak to a professional like Paintspot before just buying paint and putting to a brush and on the wall, many things need to be considered and prepared beforehand such as primers, sanding, cleaning and more.

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