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Coffee! And the thought of it will bring glitters to your eyes, even if you are having acidity problem. Well let’s not be so pessimistic now. God forbid all evils, and we all enjoy good health.

As one refreshing and stimulating drink, coffee sometimes stands next to Tea, and sometimes at par. The demand for coffee in the country is growing in double delights every year. The simple making of coffee has come a long way, and we now get café joints , like that of Café coffee day, Coffee Beans and many other joints where we come across types of coffee makes and blends. The coffee equipments that are available in the joints can easily get into the retail end of coffee business. They are mechanized in such a manner that when the beans are grinded, they are blended in mink and water according to the type preferred. Simple coffee will taste different from that of Cappuccino, even if it looks same when served in two different cups. The best part of coffee is, the use of creams. Some of us have the preference of cream toppings on our coffee, but on visiting the joins and if you are lucky enough to come across some consultants and coffee taster, they will advise you which coffee sooths best with cream, and which type of coffee looks bad with too much froth on it. There are however complete range of machines available in the market to suffice every need and style, whether for home, office, café, bar or even a restaurant.

There are complete lines of coffee and coffee machine accessories available, since what is an espresso machine for without great tasting coffee. An espresso machine is used to produce the traditional Italian coffee, espresso. (Italian coffee beverage calledespresso)

If we go little back to the history, the first espresso maker or the machine making espresso was built by Angelo Moriondo of Turin, Italy, whose demonstration went far and wide after the show in the Turin General Exposition in 1884. This invention of machine expresso was certified and was awarded by the statement as – the new steam machinery for the economic and the instantaneous confection of coffee beverage.” By 1901, there came in another Milan patented improvement of coffee machine in the name of Bezzera. This machine provided the advanced way and finer espresso cups of coffee. This was again titled as “innovations in the machinery to prepare the immediately serve coffee beverage”. The title was so, doe to number of improvements were made in the then existing machinery.

If we are to talk about how a latte machine works, the user pours the water into the kettle or the thermal of the machine and locks the lid. The lid works to create a pressure chamber, when the froth is heated. The pressure inside the container is only released through the spout. The spout is then inserted into a glass of milk, and the steam from the spout is directed into the bottom of the milk. The steam, milk and the air combines to produce a desired texture.

lavazza espresso is a splendid layered cup of coffee. It is not only thick but feels heavy on consuming it.

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