Symptons Of Slip Disc

By: Amuro Wesley

Slip disc is not entirely anonymous with people, especially those in the late 30s and beyond. Also known as the disc bulge and herniated disc, they all have the same meaning which refers to the inner center of the disc beginning to protrude while applying constant pressure on the exterior fibrous layers of the disc and all structures adjacent to it.

What and how serious the symptons are depend entirely upon where the bulge is compressing on. If not treated immediately, it can be extremely aggravating.

A disc bulge itself is not sufficient to inflict pain. It is the structures that is. So even if the person suffers from the disc bulge without affecting the structures, he does not feel pain and still move normally like everyone else.

Much of it depends on the individualís fitness and condition. Even if we are all humans, we are born and develop under different circumstances and lifestyles. Some will not feel pain does not mean the rest also will be the same.

If the bulge is small and only affecting the exterior fibers of the disc, then chances are the person will feel a little or no pain in his or her lower back. But if affects the adjacent structures and the person gets worse, medical attention and treatment is absolutely needed. If not, he will feel pain all over his back and lower body.

If the bulge is big and ends up aggravating the nerve roots leaving the lower back, the whole sciatic nerve from the buttock and down the legs will be implicated. Pain can be felt anywhere on the area and is extremely frustrating to that person.

Another thing I like to point out is the severity of the pain felt. The most significant factor will be as to whether there are any signs of inflammation. If so, it is highly possible the pain will stay and restrict all body movements.

So long as the pain is not merchanical in nature, there is still a cure if you stop your activities for a while. But that does not guarantee that the pain will go away totally.

If you suspect your pain is more to do with inflammatory, you should see your doctor with your family member or friend accompanying you. A short course of anti-flammatories will be recommended along with other medications and treatment that the doctor thinks is best for your condition.

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