Symptoms that You are Suffering from Eating Disorders

By: Minerva McDonalds

Binge eaters and bulimics are some of the people who are afflicted with eating disorders. There are several types of disorders, which may involve overeating, not eating at all, very selective in foods to eat, or even eating strange things which are supposedly inedible. Amazingly though, people with eating disorders don't seem to know that they are afflicted by one. In fact, some even defend aggressively that they are all right and that they are healthy.

Indeed, eating disorders are stealthy and can catch one unaware until it is too late. So how would you know if you are suffering from one?

1. You have a tendency to consume an extraordinarily big amount of food whenever you feel anxious, stressed, sad, angry, or distressed.

2. If you see your favorite food, you want to eat it even if you are full or have recently eaten.

3. Your regular meals have a tendency to be oversized. In addition, you frequently eat out at fast-food chains.

4. You eat more fast-food meals rather than cook your own home-cooked meals.

5. You consume more meals that are rich in oil, sugar, and salt rather than healthy food such as vegetables and fruits. In fact, you start to avoid healthy food.

6. You have a tendency to sneak during late nights or at midnight in order to have a snack.

7. You often feel tightness in your chest. You gasp for air at very short runs or climbs. You feel extremely tired even if you are doing nothing. Your weight increases considerably.

On the other hand, there are eating disorders that surprisingly do not involve overeating.

1. You feel guilty if you eat something.

2. You start to exercise excessively.

3. You do not want to eat, particularly when you are feeling a strong emotion such as anxiety, distress, sadness, or depression.

4. You start to believe that you need to lose weight even though it is very clear that you're physique is perfectly all right or you need to actually gain weight.

5. You have this urge to purge out the food you've just eaten.

If you are suffering from any of these symptoms, get in touch with any drug rehab centers right away.

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