Symptoms of Cancer In Animals

By: SA Perillo

There are a lot of symptoms for dog cancer that sometimes you overlook them and think they are just symptoms for normal illnesses. This is the reason why cancers are not prevented and given the early medication because it does not show that it is there already. Before you know it, it is already too late to cure or give proper treatment for the dog that has cancer.

There are different types of symptoms that can pass as a symptom for say, a fever or simple sickness. One of the common symptoms is having new lumps or bumps in neck or shoulders. Then, if this lump(s) changes in size and shape, it could mean that the tumor could or can be getting worse. Loss of appetite and weight loss can sometimes be symptoms of obesity or just being tired. Other symptoms that are considered minor are bad breath/body odor, tiredness or loss of stamina, vomiting diarrhea and increase in water intake and urinating. What most people do not know is these symptoms could be the start of the cancer developing in your dogs body and you still dont know or dont take notice of it. But now that you know, take a look at your dog and if you see any of these symptoms, have him or her check them up right away.

Then there are also major symptoms that are already alarming even if seen for the first time in your dog. Some of the symptoms to watch out for are the following:

Difficulty in urinating or having a bloody urine indicates that the dogs insides are not functioning well and is doing abnormal behaviors, sometimes signs of UTI
Drainage and odor from ears, or blood coming our from any opening, such as nose, ears and mouth
The dog is limping or has a hard time walking, and that will usually never heal. This can happen when your dog might develop bone cancer.
Abdominal swelling and the fact that sores are appearing continuously
Presence of blood in stools or when coughing
The dog is always thirsty and he does not stop from urinating, meaning there may be something wrong with his or her bladder
The dog is always having hard time breathing and coughing, which could sometimes mean lung cancer as well, though there may be a lot of reasons too.

If these symptoms are already seen in the early part of the cancer-stricken dog, then there is a chance for an early medication. The dog can have options such as chemotherapy or radiation if the condition has worsened, while you can have surgery for small tumors to be removed.

But its the outmost importance for pet owners to show their love and care to their dogs before and during cancer, because, just like people, dogs have feelings too. You have to show them that there is still hope in fighting cancer and stay alive. And just so you know, dogs need their owners more when they are fighting cancer.

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