Symptoms And Herbal Remedies For Anti Aging Treatment

By: Gordon R Santo

Aging bring many physical changes and men may suffer from greying of hair, wrinkles, loss of power, heart problems, diabetes, arthritis, loss of libido, poor erections, impotence, high blood pressure and various form of chronic pains. Herbal remedies for curing the problem of aging are effective and have proved to be a great supplement for easy management of aging problems. As one identifies the symptoms and herbal remedies for anti aging treatment, he can take it to reduce the problem of aging. Shilajit ES Capsule is a widely known herbal capsule that reverses the process of aging and is believed to be one of the best anti aging natural supplements.

Symptoms and herbal remedies for anti aging treatment - Aging affects the male body in the following ways-
1. The cardiovascular system - The heart rate gets slower and the blood vessels become stiffer. The flexibility of tissues reduce that makes the heart to pump blood with higher force causing increase in blood pressure i.e. hypertension. Healthy diet, exercising, avoiding toxins and managing stress can prevent excess pressure on heart.
2. The joint, muscles and bones get weak - With age the strength of bones, joints and muscles reduce that increases susceptibility to fractures and again people may suffer from problem of balancing due to this. Taking food rich in calcium such as almonds, kale, and broccoli and soy products can help. Vitamin D is necessary for bone health and it and be taken from natural sources such as sunlight. Physical exercise also helps in reducing stiffness of tissues.
3. Poor digestive system - Aging weakens the digestive system and people may suffer from the problem of constipation or indigestion. Taking low fiber diet, reduced physical work and not taking water or fluids further increases the problem of digestive system, which can be controlled by making changes in lifestyle.
4. Change in the strength and functioning of the urinary tract - Aging people suffer from various medical conditions which can cause loss of bladder control. One of the major causes for loss of bladder control is diabetes. Prostate problems can cause infections and inflammation in urinary tract. Maintaining proper weight and doing regular exercises to improve the control over pelvic floor muscles can help.
5. Loss of memory or brain power - Age affects brain power and people suffer from loss of memory because aging damages brain cells.

Shilajit ES Capsule is aphrodisiac in nature which means it can rejuvenate the reproductive organs, increase its weight and volume to enhance sensation in conjugal relation even at a higher age. The fluid Shilajit is a strong rejuvenator that than regulate enzymatic and non enzymatic activities. It reduces oxidative damage on cells of the body. It promotes physiological functions as it works as biocatalyst and the trace elements present in it are easily absorbed by the body. Men suffering from allergic reactions can get easy relief, if Shilajit is taken regularity. As one knows the symptoms and herbal remedies for anti-aging treatment, it can be taken regularly to prevent the symptoms easily.

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