Swimming pool cleaning.

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Swimming pool cleaning.
Swimming pool cleaning and keeping it sparkly does not take much effort as many people would think. It neither needs a professional pool cleaner. All pool cleaning needs is an established cleaning routine. Today we will be observing few easy-to-take steps in maintaining our pool sparkling at all time. For the task at hand you will need a set of pool cleaning materials that won’t cost a whole lot, which you can buy at any home improvement stores across Ontario.
• Pool skimmer
• Pool wall brush
• Tile brush
• Vacuum head and hose
• Telescopic pole
With these at hand let us go on to the few steps:
First pull out every floating substance out of your pool surface, whether it be leaves or plastic bags before they sink, for it is harder to remove them then.
Then scrub the pool along the water line with a tile brush removing gently any form of mould that gives the greenish look on your pool.
On the third step empty your skimmer and pump baskets. If your pool pumps are the advanced ones then the baskets are larger and easier to remove.
On the fourth step in cleaning your swimming pool, is vacuuming manually. This won’t cost you a dime of your money but a great deal of effort according to the size of your pool. Another choice you may have is to use the automatic pool cleaner, which will do the work by itself.
This way the chores of swimming pool cleaning are broken down to few and easy steps, that you can handle.
Here are additional tips to help you vacuum your pool manually.
• Connect the vacuum head to the telescopic pole and the hose to the vacuum head. Then lower the combo into the pool.
• After it reaches the bottom, keep the hose in the pool until all the air has been purged, but be careful not to connect the hose to the pump while air is still in it. This will burn the pump in the pool.
• Once all the air has been removed from the hose, pass the end of the hose through the skimmer door and plug it into the vacuum port. Turn on the pump to start the vacuum’s suction. And make sure the vacuum inlet is the only open line to the pump.
• Then vacuum your pool in the same way you vacuum the dry surfaces of your house, from the shallow parts to the deeper ends.
• After completing your swimming pool cleaning do not forget to clean your tools with fresh water and keeping them in a shade, for sunrays can aid the quick deterioration of the materials.
• Putting more water into your pool will help when the water level is low. And don’t use softened water for it will damage the tiles and will cause rapid chlorine loss.
Swimming pool cleaning therefore should have a permanent schedule to be steadfastly followed, to the point that you only keep the clarity thereof without excessive hassle. Always think that a well kept pool will have that shiny tile formation and has great value at the market.
The approximate time that you should usually spend in swimming pool cleaning should never exceed from 1 hour to 1 hour and 30 minutes.
Take these easy steps and make swimming pool cleaning as fun as swimming itself.

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