Sweethearts Day

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Sweethearts Day
No-one knows for sure why or where the custom of giving and receiving gifts on Valentine’s Day came from. In pagan times it was thought that the Romans celebrated February as a day of thanksgiving for keeping the flocks safe for another year.
In honor of this, young girls’ names were placed in a pot for drawing out by young men. Once the man had been matched in this way, he undertook to take care of that girl for the coming year.
The Christian Church, in a bid to stamp out such pagan rituals, changed the girls’ names for saint’s names but this reverted to the original form after some time.
Although no proof exists, there is thought to have been seven Valentines who lent their name to the February celebration. One such story is that Valentine was imprisoned by the church but saved the sight of the jailer’s daughter. Yet another story is that the Emperor of Rome got mad at men who refused to leave their wives and girlfriends and decreed all marriages and engagements cancelled. Valentine married these lovers in secret until he was thrown into prison.
A further story is that Valentine fell in love with the jailer’s daughter and would send her notes with ‘from your Valentine’ at the bottom.
Over time all of these stories have amalgamated into one and the custom to give your sweetheart small love tokens evolved. However, to be absolutely correct, cards and gifts should be given anonymously but in today’s world this has somehow altered.
Gifts from children to parents, parents to children etc. have become customary. But then, do we really need an excuse to show a loved one how much they mean to us? Isn’t it great that we have this one day to celebrate love, caring and affection? It doesn’t necessarily have to be celebrated as a pseudo religious day and many just take the opportunity to give a gift or card.
In many countries, especially emerging economies, St. Valentine’s Day is taking on epic proportions. Everyone starts to wear red (where did that come from?) approximately one week before the 14th and the day is celebrated in similar fashion to Christmas Day. Of course, it is customary to give a single red rose to your sweetheart on this day (red roses signify love) but the wearing of red clothes is a modern twist on the custom.
So now we have some idea of why and how we celebrate this day, the next question (and probably the hardest) is ‘what will convey the right message to out loved one?’
!a href="http://www.bluechopsticks.com/gift_baskets.asp">jFlowers and chocolates are considered the norm for such events but many health conscious people would not dream of letting chocolate past their ‘keep fit’ lips even for one day. Is it politically correct (another invention of modern times) to give someone something that will tempt them away from their healthy lifestyles?
There is absolutely no need to panic! Ladies tend to ‘help’ their sweethearts along by dropping massive hints well before the special occasion. All it takes is a little time for listening and some ingenuity and you could find the perfect gift for her.
Naturally, jewelry is almost always acceptable but do take care to choose just the right piece. You wouldn’t want to give long, dangly earrings to your granny (unless she was exceptionally ‘hip’ and with-it) or a Victorian style brooch to your 16 year old punk rock chic!
At Guvy.com there is a vast array of jewelry which would be suitable for this special day – or any other special occasion you care to mention!
First, think about the lifestyle of your loved one. Is she sporty? Is she young and innovative? Is she your wife of several years? All these observations will come into play when choosing just the right piece.
For example, during the early years of a relationship, hearts fashioned into gold bracelets or necklaces are totally acceptable. Some bracelets are made up of ‘hugs and kisses’ symbols which could obviously be suitable for the more romantic amongst you or as a gift from child to parent.
For the ‘groovy’ ladies, there is a selection of ankle bracelets available also – we won’t go into what this signified in years gone by!
The fashion these days is to have multi-colored gold and this gives a unique twist to the more traditional pieces. Rose and white gold are on offer here and are fashioned into many different designs.
Obviously, the gift you choose does not necessarily have to cost the earth. Many pieces fit into the most strained of budgets but for those with larger pockets the variety is vast.
If you want to give something extra special, there are also pieces with diamonds embedded into 14 karat gold. What better way to show that certain someone how much you appreciate them? Or how about a two tone rose and white gold ring to celebrate this day of love?
Children are not left out either. Several pieces take into account children’s needs with ‘prince and princesses’ jewelry designed specifically for them.
Men, of course, need to be shown how much they are appreciated too and in this day and age it is acceptable for them to wear the fashionable bracelets that are on offer. Designs are more masculine than their feminine counterparts with silver and onyx also being part of the design available at Guvy.com. Indeed, some men will wear earrings but I doubt this would be acceptable by the more traditional male.
There is possibly nothing more acceptable than the ubiquitous gold chain with a href="http://www.guvy.com">heart pendant. Some come with space to conceal pictures of your loved ones and any woman would be happy to have her baby’s photo next to her heart. Engraving is easy and, although it will detract from the future value of the piece in monetary terms, it will add exceptional emotional value that can’t be counted in cents and dollars.
Whatever your thoughts on the subject, be sure to check out this website for the perfect gift this Valentine’s Day.

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