Sustaining the Natural Black Color Hair

By: Lucky Yadav

Dry hair, oily hair, flat hair or frizz? Everyone has his or her own problems of hair. But these days one of the massive problems found in young age people is gray hair. Yes, causes of gray hair are always not related to ones age as hair can turn gray as young as teens and range into our late 50ís.

The main reason for our hair turning gray is heredity. It is assumed that if youíre Mom and Dad started growing gray at the young age, then the chances are you may also suffer from the premature gray hair color. Hair follicles contain pigment cells that contain melanin, which gives your tresses their color. But apart from this there are other factors also such as poor nutrients, stress and pollution's.

Ask anyone what kind of hair they want? And an instant answer would be black thick hair..!!Black hair are the main asset for any beautiful lady or handsome men. But with so much dust, pollution and stress it is becoming hard to take care of your natural black color hair. Here are some easy ways to protect the original black color of your hair.

Hot oil massage-
Yes, a simple hot oil massage can help you in nourishing your black hair. You can carry out a hot oil massage with coconut oil, olive oil or amla oil. Each of these could contribute towards the maintenance of your black hair color. You can also apply eucalyptus oil, few drops of warm oil use on scalp with lighter circular motion will help you in maintaining the black hair color. This is the first and foremost of all the tips for black hair.

Say no to heat-
If you wish to maintain the natural black color of hair, then donít apply hot ironing tools. Also you can take advice from Online hair salon. It will not only frizz and dry your hair, but you will also lose its natural black color. If someone puts any hot material on your skin or nails, it would burn. Same in case of hairs, they are burning too..!! Skin, nails and hairs are very sensitive parts.
Also wear hat or cover your hair with scarf to avoid the direct contact of dangerous UV rays over your hairs. UV rays also tend to dry your hair, which can result in loss of the natural black hair.

Growing hair long-
Many of us have wrong perceptions that cutting down bigger length of hair makes our hair grow faster. Instead, ask your ends to be trimmed at the salon, such that there is never an appearance of split ends. This will help you maintain your black thick hair.

Shampooing and conditions-
Donít go changing your shampoo very often but it is also advisable to change your shampoo every two months. Apply less quantity of shampoo each time, as the chemical present in the shampoo will harm your hairs. Always opt for shampoo, which gives good moisture to your hairs. And it is a good idea to choose a conditioner that like your shampoo is moisturizing in nature.

Balanced diet-
Last but not the least, always has a balanced diet. This is the easiest tip to maintain your natural black color. Food rich in proteins, Vitamin b-12, iron, and more will help you in nourish your hair, skin and body too.
I think from these few tips for black hair care,you can definitely acquire attainment in retaining your natural black hair color.

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This post is written by Akanksha Singh, who loves to write about health and nutrition in order to aware the public about the consequences of these things. She suggests an Online Professional Booking platform for various Healthy Nutritionists near to your place, which would help you in attaining and achieving a professional Lifestyle.

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