Sustainability and Cement Flooring

By: Sarah Carlye

Natural, recyclable, environmentally friendly…all common words and phrases when there is “green” talk. Often wood flooring comes to mind when it comes to sustainability and flooring. Hardwood is often the type of wood of choice. Though it is natural and long lasting, transporting and processing of wood flooring uses up precious resources. Concrete on the other hand can often be obtained locally and with the minimal use of resources. Maintenance of cement flooring is minimal where wood flooring takes more care. As far as durability, concrete flooring is outstanding and has a lifetime that far exceeds other flooring options.

Concrete floors are environmentally friendly in the following ways:

• Ready mix concrete contains less cement. This doesn’t affect quality or durability, but it does make concrete more appealing to the green movement.
• Concrete floors can be designed to work with heating and cooling to make it more efficient. Residential and commercial buildings can work with concrete mass for efficient heating and cooling.
• CO2 emissions have been significantly reduced
• Minimal amount of materials are needed to complete a concrete floor
• Easy to clean and keep bacterial free, fewer harsh chemicals needed for cleaning and sanitizing
• Several options are available other than replacing when the flooring look is outdated or becomes damaged
• Concrete floors can be adapted to décor changes and use changes
• Cement used for concrete often contains recycled material and by products of other manufacturing processes
• Extremely high durability and extremely long life span

Though resources and energy are used to create concrete, when the amount used is calculated over the lifetime of a concrete floor, the impact on the environment is very low. While other products may use less resources and energy, they don’t have the long lifetime that concrete has and isn’t as durable. When calculating these costs over the lifetime of less durable options, they become expensive not only financially but also in costs to the environment. Cement can be recycled and used again; many other types of flooring material don’t have that option when it is no longer usable.

To find out more about how concrete can be an environmentally friendly option for commercial and residential flooring, contact Concrete Floor Solutions. Environmentally friendly doesn’t mean boring, there are endless color and design options for concrete floors. A concrete professional at Concrete Floor Solutions will be happy to show you concrete flooring options.

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