Surrogacy In India Is Not New For World

By: Anas Khan

Surrogacy in India has gained popularity in recent time. Technically speaking, this is an arrangement in which a couple adopt a child from other individuals. The child is born either naturally or by the artificial insemination methods. However, it is not the first case of surrogacy in the history of this world. Earlier records reveal that surrogacy has been practiced for a long time in history in various parts of world. Let’s have a look over the historical evidences of surrogacy.

Instance in Bible

The well know story of Sarah & Abraham clearly indicate evidence of surrogacy. It was a nomadic Hebrew couple which has taken the help of Hagar, a slave from Egypt. Afterwards, Hagar ran to Egypt where he was told by angles that his child will be a leader of Hebrews. This news makes him to return to the Hebrew couple.

Recorded Evidences

• 1870s, it was a very common practice in china. The couples used to pay large sum of money to adapt a sun. After a ceremony, the child was considered to belong to family of couple with all ties & bond.
• 1930s, the practice was again made popular as US pharmacies were able to produce estrogen on mass production level .Few years later, reputed professor from Harvard Medical School was able to fertile human ova artificially without uterus. This made surrogacy very common in US.
• 1950s, it was the time when experts were able to preserve sperm artificially for a long time. This was one of the main breakthrough events which is practiced under surrogacy in India.
• 1970s, until this decades, the surrogacy was made popular in the whole world & New York was the first state in US to start a commercial sperm bank. This has transformed the typical business into highly prosperous industry on commercial ground. Near the end of this decade, England was able to produce first test tube baby which is still practices under surrogacy in India.
• 1980s, This decade noticed breakthrough promotion of surrogacy on internet & other medium. However, this decade is also recorded for successful artificial surrogate pregnancy of a woman.
• 1990s, A women in California refused to give her child to other couple for large sum of money. Women sued them to the court where it was declared that genetic mother has right to give her baby.
• 2000s, This was the decade in which Chinese Government broken down enforcement on surrogacy which has also given rise in the number of cases of forced abortions.


In short, surrogacy is not a new practice which is performed for the first time. Surrogacy in India has been processed under the supervision of experts to avoid any mishaps. As India is developing country, the rates are also low as compared to other developed country without compromising the quality of treatment & process. After all, a happy wends with a little cute child. It is the right of every couple to live a happy life with a charming child.

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