Surrogacy: A growing trend

By: James K. Johnson

Surrogacy is an alternate form of reproduction which is employed by couples in cases of infertility or any other medical issue which may curb the chances of the woman in the equation becoming pregnant. Other reasons may arise when a woman although fertile does not wish to become a mother or even in cases of single males or females who intend to become parents.

Surrogacy is the process where a woman agrees to become pregnant on anotherís behalf. The woman is either contact by a legally authorised surrogacy agency or even personally. In most cases, the couple in question agrees to bear all costs involving the birth of the child.

Surrogacy might be classified as being of various kinds. First there is straight surrogacy where a biological mother agrees to hand over her child to a couple in lieu of money. In this case, the surrogate mother has to relinquish all claims on the child. The sperm in this case can be from the male counterpart of the commissioning couple or also from a sperm bank. The case type is gestational surrogacy which is also the host method. In this scenario the surrogate is the carrier who tends to the embryo that has been transferred to her womb. In this case, she is not the mother of the child to be born. The third kind is altruistic surrogacy when the surrogate receives no financial reward for bearing the child. In this case the intended parents only bear expenses like medical bills or cost of the hospital where the delivery takes place. The final kind of surrogacy is of the commercial kind. In this scenario, the surrogate agrees to carry the child for the intended couple or single parent in lieu of a financial reward. In addition to this the benefiting parents also bear all expenses that are incurred during the process of the pregnancy. Commercial surrogacy has been made legal in most countries. In other countries there are laws present concerning adoption issues of surrogate children also in cases of violation of agreement by any party.

Surrogates can be the friends or relatives or acquaintances of the commissioning parents or parent. However, this practice is generally looked down upon in countries like India. In India most surrogates belong to the lower classes. They do this because of income issues and in order to run their households. Many countries also have legally binding agencies who arrange surrogates for people. These agencies also help people find their perfect match by offering options. The agency charges money for such work.

Surrogacy was earlier looked down upon as a debauched practice. It however, gained popularity in the latter half of the twentieth century when the practice became fairly popular in the United States. In fact one can also find references of this practice in the Book of Genesis. Surrogacy is now becoming a viable alternative for childless people.

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