Surrogacy - To the Rescue of Patients Suffering From Infertility!

By: James K. Johnson

Are you one of those couples who are trying to have a baby for a really long period of time and are failing consistently? Are you too considering surrogacy? It should be considered that before venturing into any surrogacy clinic or procedure, you must have complete information on what are the procedures, costs, treatment, and other complications involved in the process.

Surrogacy is witnessing a sharp rise and this is due to the fact that most of the patients undergoing the process have been treated successfully. This has been a great achievement of science that has made it possible for childless couple to have their baby. Surrogacy is defined as the procedure where a woman agrees to become pregnant and give birth to someone elseís child. The woman who is giving birth is in no way related to the woman whose child she is bearing. The childís genetic mother or the childís gestational carrier is under a contract to carry pregnancy until the child is born. This occurs when the embryo is implanted in the womanís ovary.

In gestational surrogacy (also known as the Host method) the surrogate becomes pregnant by means of embryo transfer with a child whose biological mother is someone else. She may have made an agreement to give it up to the biological mother or father to raise the child, or to a parent who is not linked to the child this is done for a child that is conceived through egg donation, sperm donation or donated embryo. The surrogate mother is referred to as the gestational carrier.

The reason why people opt for surrogacy is that there could be infertility in either of the couples or there could be some other medical disorder. There are also a few people who do not want to undergo pregnancy and get the easier way out. So, they opt to have child by transplanting their own egg and partnerís sperm into the other womanís womb until the child is born. This could be because they donít want to undergo the pain and other consequence of pregnancy.

Mostly people who bear someone elseís child in their womb are generally going through penury and in need of monetary support or are relatives of the couple. This business has reached new heights. There are different rates of a surrogate mother. Mostly the rates are dependent on where a person lives. For example a mother can cost anywhere between $ 10000 to $30000 in the states and the entire procedure can cost $45000 to $60000 plus. There is no upper limit to the costs. There are different rates in UK and the cheapest rates for a surrogate mother is in India where they come in for a price as low as $2800.

In some countries it is illegal to use this procedure and even have laws that say a woman who gives birth to the child is his or her legal mother. This law needs to be amended in case of surrogate mother. These days with the advancement of technology one can try surrogacy without having a lot of complications.

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