Surgical Remedies For Acne Scars

By: Stella Hudson

In acne, the healing process of skin inflammation by the white blood cells or anti inflammatory molecules often has a tendency of scarring the skin. The scars can be of two types- depressed scars- such as ice pick scars and raised fibrous tissues such as keloids.
There are many surgical options available to get rid of acne scars. Here, we have a look at the different processes.
Dermabrasion- This process involves the removal of top layer of your skin thru erosion. Spinning at high speed, a wire brush is used to peel off the skin. The biggest disadvantage of dermabrasion is that it is awfully painful. It is because of this anesthesia is administered before the method. Since the skin is peeled off, it has a tendency to become red. It will take 2 months before your skin heals totally.
Microdermabrasion : this is another form of dermabrasion and involves the removal of only the upper most surface cells of the skin with help from aluminum oxide crystals which are passed through a vacuum tube. While this procedure usually needs many sittings, it doesn't cause any damage to the skin.
Chemical Peeling- In this method, a doctor uses certain chemicals to remove the top layer of your skin. Your regenerated skin does not have acne scars and is much smoother and softer.
Laser Therapy- This scar treatment is centered around the process to create lesions on your skin via microscopic pulses of light. This light destroys the damaged skin tissue and creates way for new cell growth. It even stimulates collagen production. Increased levels of collagen along with new skin cell formation help you get rid of scarring.
Subcision- Subcision is a strategy used to treat deep rolling scars due to acne. In this technique, a doctor separates the skin tissue in the affected area from the deeper scar tissue. This collects blood under the areas affected, so causing the deep scar to come to the level of the skin. After the skin has leveled, treatment techniques such as laser treatment, dermabrasion and chemical peeling are used to smooth out the scarred tissue.
Punch Grafting- Another methodology to treat acne scars is known as punch grafting. In this strategy, small parts of skin are taken from other parts of your body to replace the acne-scarred skin. Your scar is removed surgically through an instrument. After removal, a hole is left in your skin. This hole is covered with your ordinary skin. The area takes about a week to cure. After healing, the skin becomes smooth.
Some other methods to treat acne scars include cortisone shots and cryosurgery.

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