Surgery Or Skin Creams: Which Works Better Long-Term?

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In your quest for tight, firm skin, you may have wondered at some point whether all these anti wrinkle face creams and anti wrinkle products you slather on daily will actually get you better results than the “quick fix” of undergoing a brow lift or getting collagen injections. And when you consider that you can see “instant” results from cosmetic procedures (well, after recovery time, that is), it may seem like surgery is the way to go. However, there are a lot of reasons not to undergo these procedures, and many times people don’t want to talk about the downsides to these “simple” options. Because of all the problems with cosmetic procedures, a good anti wrinkle face cream is the best option if you want to have healthy, firm skin and a youthful complexion for the rest of your life. Here are just a few of the reasons that, long-term, skin creams are the better option.

Surgery is temporary.
Whether you opt for injections or a full-on nip-and-tuck, you’re looking at a temporary solution at best. Botox injections need to be re-done every three to six months to maintain that crease-free, smooth look. Even facelifts don’t continue to look the same as the years pass, as the skin will continue to sag and age if you don’t take care of it. For any cosmetic procedure you have done, there’s the chance that you’ll have to have it re-done or touched up within a few months or years. However, if you select a high-quality, wrinkle remover cream, you will experience firm skin naturally, and as you continue to use it, your results will get better and better.

Surgery is expensive.
If you opt for plastic surgery, not only must you consider that procedures may need to be touched up, you have to be willing to fund those secondary appointments. And even the most minor procedures aren’t cheap! It can cost up to a few hundred dollars per injection for Botox, and up to several thousand dollars for facelifts, brow lifts and liposuction. Meanwhile, anti wrinkle face creams come at all sorts of price points, so you can find good anti wrinkle products that do great things for your skin without busting your budget.

Cream doesn’t “freeze” your face.
When you undergo Botox, the injection causes the selected facial muscle to relax, so it’s unable to move; this helps as a wrinkle remover, but it also prevents you from making certain expressions, giving your face a frozen look. Likewise, a lift requires skin to be stretched and pulled upward to remove wrinkles, and can result in a slick, unnatural look that you would never see if you simply used an anti wrinkle face cream for firm skin. Skin cream helps to tighten your complexion and reduce wrinkles naturally, while still allowing your face to be expressive.

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