Supplements for Dogs Keep Them Healthy

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Your pets deserve nutritional boost if you are keen in having a healthy one with attractive skin, joints and full of activity. Many owners are either unaware about the benefits of extra nutrition or they simply ignore it. All the dogs are not same and some may require that extra care from you for leading a healthy life. Apart from their regular meals, special supplements for dogs should be given. Supplements as the name indicates is not regular food but something that is given with the intention to complement the regular diet. It will help your canine to have regular biological function. Supplements are mostly vitamins that are targeted for general health of the dog. There are specific supplements for treating anomalies in skin or hair loss. Some specific formations are thee to treat cognitive dysfunction and joint problems in dogs.

For Healthy Skin and Hair Loss
You may be giving your dog sufficient amount of food but for maintaining healthy hair coat and healthy skin, some dogs may require certain nutrients. Special supplements for this problem will supply the skin cells with required nutrients for making the skin healthy and for abundant growth of hair or to stop hair loss. Major ingredients in supplements are fatty acids, vitamins and minerals that support beautiful and healthy skin.
Reasons for Deficiency
Animals are capable of producing nutrients that are required by them, but they do not produce everything that is required. Such nutrients like fatty acid must be supplied through their diet. These fatty acids are essential and this may vary according to the species they belong to. If the dog suffers from certain diseases, there may be shortage in production or absorption of these nutrients. This may also happen for over weight dogs undergoing diet with restriction of fatty foods.
In such cases it will be advisable to provide that extra nutrition through supplementary methods. The awareness among the dog owners are on the rise and the demand for these nutritional supplements has grown multifold in recent years. Studies put the growth at 15% and around 17% of the dog owners are giving nutrients for their dogs. Still the figure is very low and it is expected to grow in the coming years.

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