Superior Alternative to Google Pay-Per-Click for Big-Time Lead Generation?

By: Alan Cosens

Well I got a phone call from a guy the other day who introduced himself as “Ulyses”. The guy wanted to know if I had ever heard of “”. I hadn’t.

Turns out that is a search engine. Not just any search engine. This is a search engine that kicks big-time butt!

I can’t believe I’ve never heard of it.

Ulyses took me through a demonstration on the phone, with me at my computer and I was very impressed.

First, simultaneously searches MSN, Google, and Yahoo and displays results for all three in a very comfortable to look at, easy to follow display.

It puts three “news” results from MSN right at the top, just under the three paid links (I guess these three links at the very top of the page are the equivalent thing to Google's pay-per-click adds, but they are not pay-per-click, more in a bit).

Then the list of results, with a convenient little toggle button just to the right of the list which allows you to instantly swap out all the Google results listings for the Yahoo listing, or the MSN, back and fourth instantly. This is pretty neat!

My favorite aspect of is the search results display for videos.

The videos come up as thumbnails, similar to the way they come up on Google and Yahoo but the cool part is that when you mouse your cursor over the thumbnail the thumbnail starts playing the video within about one second, or at least it did the day I was experimenting. So I could just move my mouse over each one to see for a short bit whether there was any content I was interested in, and if not I could just slide on over to the next one with0ut having to click anything or waiting for a new page to open up or for it to load. I think this is killer. Some may say that I’ve just gotten way to lazy. Can't argue that, but I work on the internet all day and I feel the need… the need for speed!

So, to the main point of this article: The guys and gals at have decided not to offer pay-per-click advertising(this is according to Ulyses), but instead they just sell you a top-position link which is guaranteed to come up when someone searches for the specific phrase that you desire. And apparently you own this position forever. So every time that someone in the world searches for your keywords, BOOM!, there is your link. Never dies. I think he said it was $5.00 per year to renew but we covered a lot of information.

So much for the need to spend the time to figure out your pay-per-click budget each week or month or whathaveyou. You are stuck with those keywords however, forever. Geez. Just imagine if you bought something like “MLM leads”, or if you are in a large MLM orgainztion like Mona Vie or Amway or TVI Express. You could buy the keyword “Mona Vie”. Phew! I sure don’t know whether that one is still available but WOW, that would have some value huh?

I don’t recall what Ulyses said was the number of searches “MLM Leads” gets every month but it was some ridiculously high amount. Price he quoted me was about $2100.00. Man, I know people who spend way more than that doing pay-per-click every single week!

Pay-per-click for MLM guys like me has become sort of an industry standard for lead generation. Most of the big money makers in MLM have a multi-thousand dollar per week pay-per click budget and it is a phenomenal way to generate network marketing leads.

As a marketer I would think that $2100.00 for a permanent top position (they actually put three links at the very top and you are guaranteed to rotate within those three) would be a no-brainer for lead generation.

As a internet searcher I just think it’s cool and I like the engine better. (Sorry Google, sorry Yahoo…).

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