Super" Heroes Outside the Comic Book?

By: Rebecca Worthlin

Who doesn't love the occasional comic book? There are a few out there that would raise their hand, but not that many really. Because they've got some pretty good general ideas set in their endless frames. The good guys win over the bad guys and the bad guys pay for their crimes and the good guy gets the girl and the innocent people are saved and bad things only happen to bad people and all this because of one single factor: the superhero. They make everything better. We all secretly adore them.

Evidently the media is aware of the general public's love of the "super" because they are systematically running through all the comic book super heroes from most popular on down to pretty popular and reinventing them on the big screen.

The love of the Super is even evident in the everyday lives of the typical consumer. We have a sweet, nostalgic reaction when we step into a "mom & pop" store and some of us might even make it a regular habit. But the fact that there are major box stores the size of entire shopping centers on every third or fourth corner and the general public is supporting them is another testament to the love of the "super."

Where do you go when you need to get a banana? Where do you go when you need to pick up a paintbrush? Where do you go when you need to grab a gallon of milk? Where do you go when you need some cough medicine? Where do you go when you need to get a printer cartridge? Where do you go if you want some flowers? Where do you go if you need a new hairbrush? Where do you go if you need to get some stamps? Where do you go if you need to get a few bags of chips? Where do you go if you need to get your son a pair of flip flops? Where do you go if you need to pick up a birthday present for a niece? And now the kicker, where do you go when you need to get all of the above mentioned items and you only have one hour to do it? You go to the superstore.

We might have high ideals and theories about the way it should be, but when it comes right down to it and we have one hour in which to obtain four 60 watt light bulbs, a gallon of white interior paint, 4 avocados, a roll of Forever stamps, 3 bags of crushed ice, toilet paper, Nyquil, 2 slushies for the kids, a box of copy paper, a gift for the neighbor kid's birthday party, shampoo, fresh flowers, bread, crayons, a new mystery novel, a greeting card, milk and snacks for the kids' lunches; we don't want to visit 6 different stores. We don't have the time or the inclination. So we go super.

And it's not just one or two of us. Recent activity suggests that a large majority of the population really appreciates the presence of the Super!

And not just for small purchases, either. Car dealerships are going super to meet the demands of a public greedy for more. Honda Cars of Mesa successfully served Valley car buyers for over 31 years; offering a great product with great service to back it up. So they don't need to change, right? There you would be wrong.

Honda Cars of Mesa is now San Tan Honda Superstore of Chandler. The name indicates more than just a basic location change, doesn't it?

They moved to a new location in Chandler and took on a new name: San Tan Honda Superstore of Chandler. Changing times mean changing industries. And changing industries mean changing names. And that's not all.

An onsite courtesy shuttle, rental vehicles, and expanded hours of operation ensure that there just isn't a dealership out there as super convenient as San Tan Honda and the same great people continue to provide their customers with top of the line service.

They also offer customers onsite courtesy shuttle service as well as rental car availability and extended hours of operation. Now how's that for improving what doesn't need to be improved?

So don't feel bad if you can't remember the last time you read a comic book. And don't feel bad if you haven't yet made it to see any of the fabulous and not so fabulous, modern depictions of the classic super heroes on the big screen. You don't even need to pretend anymore. Your life has become super on its own. Just head to the nearest superstore or super-dealership and get a little taste of what it means to get exactly what you want when you want it with a few extras thrown in for good measure. It's super.

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