Suncoast Dental Centre in Maroochydore Best For Getting Tooth Fillings

By: Samuel Robinson

Have you ever felt a sharp pain in your teeth while having food? If yes, then it is better not to take a painkiller to subside the pain. It is better to visit a dental centre in Maroochydore instead where a dentist can take care of you. We at Suncoast Dental in Maroochydore can look into the matter and find the cause. In all probability you might be you will need a cavity in your tooth. What we suggest at Suncoast Dental in Maroochydore is to book an appointment as soon as possible. Often, when the damage is minimal, a tooth filling can make your teeth as good as new. Also, at Suncoast Dental, our dentists take care while conducting the dental procedure. If you are anxious or nervous, they will sedate you so that you don't feel any pain at all.

At our dental centre in Maroochydore, we offer tooth coloured fillings which are far from the faulty, unsightly old-style amalgam fillings. Our tooth coloured fillings usually consist of a resin matrix with filler particles. The resin is the liquid component that hardens over the time due to chemical reaction. The filler particles are usually made from solid substances such as pieces of set resin or glass. The tooth coloured fillings gives a natural look to your tooth. That way, you won't even shy away from smiling freely.

However, if you are still in two finds whether to go with tooth filling or not, then you can talk to any of our dentists and know about it in detail. As any of our skilled dentist will point out, a filling is a plug of material that is placed into a tooth for replacing missing tooth substance and/or tooth structure. As pointed earlier, a tooth filling is needed when there is loss of tooth substance due to decay. So, prior to the treatment, the tooth that is to be filled is numbed by local anaesthesia. Once the tooth is numb, all the decay is removed and the tooth is then washed and dried. Once that is over, the filling is packed into the cavity and is rest to set. Once the filling is in place, it is shaped according to the actual tooth contour. The dentist next checks the bite.

Tooth fillings from our dental centre in Maroochydore generally lasts long but a lot also depends upon the shape, material, position and functioning pressure. Larger fillings which have to deal with heavy pressure might give away easily than smaller fillings. However, dentists at our dental centre in Maroochydore happens to have an idea of the life span of the tooth filling. If they are sure that the filling will not stand for long, then a crown is generally recommended. Plus, we ask our patients to come for check-ups at regular intervals so that the dentists can monitor the state of the fillings and look for signs of cracking, decay or discolouration.

At Suncoast Dental, we try to give best dental service to our patients. Our dental experts value your smile and always try to make it stay.

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