Summer Safety

By: Sarah Carlye

Walking is an exercise that almost everyone can do. In traditional walking shoes or in the Stepgym shoe, walking has many healthy benefits. As summer begins, it is important to review summer safety tips when walking outdoors or doing any exercising outdoors.

There is less physical exertion used during walking than with jogging, hiking, and other outdoor activities that might need to be limited when the temperatures rise. Walking is a safe alternative to other outdoor exercises when the temperatures start to rise. The following summer safety tips can be used for walking or for other summer outdoor activities.

1. Walk early in the morning or early evening-the temperatures are a little cooler and there is reduced exposure to the sun during those times when the sun is closer to the horizon.

2. Bring water – even if you are taking a short walk, it is important to be hydrated. If you feel especially energetic and choose to walk longer than planned, the water will assure that you will not become dehydrated.

3. Wear a hat – it will protect you from the heat and protect your face from sunburn.

4. Use sunscreen – sunburn can damage skin, contribute to wrinkles, and increase the risk of skin cancer. This is especially important in the southern states.

5. Wear appropriate clothes – light colored clothes made of breathable fabrics are the best choice. It will allow the skin to cool the body and reflect the heat. Some people choose long sleeves and lightweight pants to protect their skin.

6. Know the signs and symptoms of both heat exhaustion and heat stroke – if you recognize any signs and symptoms of heat exhaustion, follow first aid for heat exhaustion to avoid it tuning into a heat stroke.

7. Start hydrating the night before-when you know ahead of time you will be walking in the heat, start hydrating by drinking extra glasses of water the night before to be fully hydrated the following day.

Walking in the summer can be safe when simple summer safety tips are followed. Less time is needed for walking when wearing the Stepgym shoe to get the same results of waking in traditional gym shoes. Needing less time to get the same results means less time in the summer sun and heat. Go to to buy the scientifically specially designed shoe that will make every step a workout.

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