Successfully Decrease Weight by Combining Diet and Exercise

By: Zaibatt

Obesity is one of the major health problem faced by people world-wide. It not only has adverse effects on the lifestyle of a person but also causes the development of a number of health problems such as diabetic, over weighted etc.. Therefore, to stay healthy and live happily, it is essential to shed the extra pounds.

No matter whether it is about losing many or just a few pounds, an individual needs to start off by putting in the same amount of effort. One of the best ways to lose weight is to combine one's diet plan ( Diätplan ) with cardiovascular exercises instructed by a professional trainer.

In fact the combination of a well planned slimming diet ( Diät Abnehmen ) along with exercises shows the fastest results. However, an overweight individual should always choose a weight loss program for himself/herself only after closely evaluating the benefits and pitfalls of the weight loss program and consulting a doctor.

The weight loss program that an individual chooses, should not aim at lowering the body fat alone, but at the same time should also increase the muscle mass, increase metabolism, improve sense of well-being, improve energy level, reduce bad cholesterol level, increase good cholesterol level, decrease the risk of developing heart diseases, provide deeper and more restful sleep and above all, increase the self-confidence of the individual.

To successfully decrease ( Erfolgreich Abnehmen ) body fat and enhance overall health, a fat loss program should include the following things:

* A diet plan which is calorie restrictive but offers complete nutrition to the individual.
* Regular cardiovascular activities for a minimum of thirty to forty-five minutes. If not everyday, it should be at least scheduled three to four times every week. The program should also specify the pace, as different individuals have to follow different pace for losing body fat successfully. However, exercising is more important, no matter at what pace.
* The well planned diet should be accompanied by proper weight loss training by a professional for best results.
* The diet plan ( Diätplan ) should include the intake of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, Vitamin C, L-glutamine and multi vitamins in the right proportion.
* To successfully decrease ( Erfolgreich Abnehmen ) weight, it is essential to include adequate dietary fat, and high amounts of Essential Fatty Acids such as Omega-6 and Omega-3, in the diet.

An individual should never follow a body fat loss program blindly and monitor the progress on a regular basis. If an individual fails to track his/her progress, he/she won’t even know if the slimming diet ( Diät Abnehman ) and exercise programs are actually working. It is also important that the individual ensures that the weight loss program that he/she has chosen is compatible with his/her lifestyle and schedule. Join the Diätplan newsletter now at

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