Successful Way to Lose Weight Fast - Go Biking

By: R Gupta

When people realize with a sudden desperation that that they are too overweight, they push the panic buttons and try to make all sorts of drastic lifestyle changes to lose weight fast. However, this panic-induced frenzy is not healthy, and will only lead to depression and failure. When it comes to successful way to lose weight fast, it is the sustainable changes that count, and a long-term perspective. Make a small change and measure what effect it will have over six months or a year, rather than thinking about 6 week miracles. Biking can be one of those small changes, and it is a great weight loss idea hence go biking!

The Mathematics of Cycling and Weight Loss

One pound of body weight is the equivalent of 3500 calories. This means that if you burn 3500 more calories than you consume over a month, you will lose a pound. If you go biking at a leisurely pace it helps you to burn about 450 calories an hour. So, if your diet is healthy and wholesome, by and large, and you do an hour of cycling everyday, 4 times a week, you should be able to lose about 2 kg in a month. It may not sound like much, but make the calculations for a 6 month period, and the numbers suddenly start to look impressive!

The Advantage

Biking will also improve your overall muscle tone and mass, if you supplement it with the right diet and sufficient proteins, and more muscle means more calories burnt, even when you are at rest. So, even when you are sitting on your couch and working eight hours after your ride, your body is burning more calories than it normally would. In other words, cycling not only burns more calories, but also gives your metabolism an overall boost.

Some Biking Ideas

Biking is not only a great weight loss idea, it can also be a fun and exciting activity to incorporate into your life. How about using a bike to travel to and from work? You could also use a bike to run daily or weekend errands and do some exploration with your family and friends. Weekend rides are a great opportunity to make new friends and go on excursions and picnics. At the end of the day, the great advantage of cycling is that it can be fitted into your routine without the need to designate special 'workout' time.

Higher Intensity Training

Once you get used to cycling, you must remember that your body and its muscles have already adapted to the original intensity of your workout. So, it is now expending less energy on your usual 20-minute ride from home to work, which means less calories burnt. At this stage, you should try to increase the intensity of your cycling workout by incorporating fast-paced intervals in your ride. This will boost your overall fitness and spur your body's metabolism once again. Perhaps you could plan to ride a faster burst between any two consecutive landmarks on your ride, such as traffic junctions or pillars.

If you want to lose weight fast and maintain your weight loss pattern, you must not let your body sink into a fixed and rigid workout routine. Rather, re-discover the kid in you and be adventurous on your bike, a successful way to lose weight fast and you will shed those pounds. Good luck, Go biking and lose weight!

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