Success through quality service and customer care

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Two key pillars of the quality philosophy at Hagesüd Interspice Gewürzwerke GmbH & Co. KG are a well developed quality assurance system and certification to DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 . The use of checkweighers and foreign body detection solutions from Mettler-Toledo forms a significant component of quality management at Hagesüd.

A combined solution, consisting of a Mettler-Toledo Garvens XS3 dynamic checkweigher and an AdvanCheK x-ray inspection system, is used on the production line for free flow product powders to simultaneously check the spice/seasoning mixtures in laminated foil pouches for any weight deviations and for any foreign particles of glass, metal, stone or high density plastic. This thereby secures Hagesüd's excellent reputation by protecting the customers it serves in fields such as catering and meat processing.

The X-ray CombiWeigher meets all requirements of the food processing industry
The XS3 AdvanCheK, whose compact length saves valuable production space, monitors products up to 5,500 grammes at Hagesüd with an accuracy of ±2 grammes. Here, foil pouches from a Rovema form fill and seal machine are transported via an inclined conveyor belt (ascending conveyor to a height of 800mm) and then fed into the XS3 AdvanCheK for product inspection.

The in-feed area of the XS3 AdvanCheK is encased in a protective polycarbonate housing to prevent user access – keeping the x-rays safely inside and eliminating any risks for operators. Any spice or seasoning mixtures that are too heavy or too light are ejected by the dynamic checkweigher using a pusher.

The x-ray inspection system detects any foreign bodies introduced during the high performance production process and stops the belt with an acoustic warning signal when any are found. The operator can react immediately and forward the product in question to the lab to determine its cause for efficient quality management. Key factors that made Hagesüd choose a Mettler-Toledo system included the simplicity of operation and the large touch screen terminal. Item settings for weighing and x-ray are quickly and securely controlled from a central point using a single terminal this minimises operator errors and improves productivity. Once an command has been saved in the memory, switching from one product to another can be done in no time at all.

Garvens XS3 with "Profile" metal detector is a space saving combination system
On other production lines for smaller packaging units, combined dynamic checkweigher and metal detector systems monitor the high grade spice and seasoning mixes. The checkweigher and metal detector combination not only includes all equipment and options of the XS3 checkweigher, it also guarantees metal detection with the highest detection sensitivity.

Similarly to the XS3 AdvanCheK, the unit also employs password protection with user profiles to restrict access to sensitive functions. The metal detector is able to reliably detect foreign matter as small as 2.5 millimetersin the metal foil pouches. This compact combined solution is suitable for checkweighing products of up to 6,000 grammes while maintaining an accuracy of ±0.1 grammes.

With the optional feedback control feature, the checkweigher is able to communicate with the upstream pouch form, fill and seal machine and optimise the filling process this prevents costly overfilling and maximises utilisation of the ingredients. Thanks to these savings, the investment in checkweighers with a tendency regulation feature pays for itself in no time, especially when processing expensive, high grade spices and seasonings.

Hagesüd A company committed to quality for four generations
Hagesüd Interspice has been managed by its two directors, Peter and Richard Scheu, since 1976. With its fine spices, seasonings and wide variety of flavours, the company has been an innovative partner to butchers, meat processers and caterers for four generations. The customer specific spices, seasonings, marinades and technological additives are not only used for meat and processed meat products, but also to enhance ready meals and other foods.

Hagesüd's quality philosophy starts with the careful selection of the raw ingredients: Whether visual appearance and grain size, essential oils or the "heat" of spices, Hagesüd only uses the very best natural ingredients.

Just 4 grammes of seasoning is sufficient to delicately season 1000 grammes of sausage or meat. Hagesüd has more than 2,000 products available to cater to the desired tastes and preferences of regional and international customers. The x-ray CombiWeigher uses over 120 preset weight definitions stored in its memory for the various products. This makes work both more efficient and easier.

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