Success Truth #3: Accurate Thinking is a Must

By: Dave Schlueter

To{ be truly successful|realize success} in {MLM|network marketing} and in life, you will need to {develop the discipline to|learn to} think accurately rather than emotionally. {Try not to be offended here|Please don't be offended here let's all try and keep an open mind}. {Most|You see most} people, whether they {realize|are aware of} it or not, think primarily {from their|from the place of} emotions, and not from their intellect. {People are capable of rational thought but it does not me human beings are rational creatures|Just because we are capable of rational thought it should not pre-suppose that we are rational creatures}. Everyone is guilty of {this|irrational emotional thinking} to some degree. {The problem is emotional thinking doesn't necessarily result in what could be called|The problem with emotional thinking is that it often times in not} accurate thinking. {It's okay to be emotional, and it's okay to think|It's perfectly fine to be emotional and it is great thing to think}. {Just don't try to combine the two of them together and expect accurate results under most circumstances|It's when the two become intertwined that all the problems start}. {Emotions are necessary and serve a delightful and wonderful purpose in life|Emotions serve a wonderful purpose in life}. {They can be incredibly empowering|Emotions can be truly empowering}. But the truth in all {matters |matters when it comes to what we are thinking}is rarely what's most important to our emotions. {Consider the fact that we emotionally wire ourselves|Consider this- we are all emotionally wired} differently from other people. {What |What I mean is this... what}something means to me from an emotional standpoint isn't necessarily {the|going to be} same for you. {To further complicate things, it is usually|Let's further complicate this with the fact that} whatever serves the strongest emotional state that wins. {Because our emotions are such a powerful and influential force, they|Emotions as a result} often dominate us in the arena of our mind, clouding our better judgment and our actions.
{Emotional thinking interferes with our inner vision and our intuition and our success in MLM and in life|Emotional thinking may affect our inner vision, our intuition, and our perspective.}. This is dangerous ground to tread on. {Often, this powerful emotional force overcomes|Powerfull emotional forces will overcome} even truth and logic to present its own version of reality to us. {The brain acts upon this strong impulse and provides|Your brain will provide} ample supporting evidence {and rationale to buttress|this rationale will support and uphold} these emotional assumptions. Emotional thinking will literally send the brain {scrambling|on an errand} to justify its reasoning. There is a "thinker" and a "prove-er" {involved|in the process}. The {thinker |thinker part of the brain}thinks and the {prove-er|Prove-er part of the brain} then goes to work proving {what the thinker thinks|it}. {The brain, performing its faithful duty, perfectly finds and provides|Your brain will find and provide} seemingly solid supporting evidence, regardless of whatever the truth may be. {Therefore, it is what becomes|It becomes what's} most real to the mind. Thoughts are things {and if you think it|and so if you think it is true} then you are right. This {is|can be} truly dangerous thinking, and to one degree or another, all of us {indulge|are guilty of indulging} in it. {If you want to succeed in MLM and in life|If you desire MLM and life success} you have to learn to {harness these facts|marshall these forces} for your advantage instead of {letting|allowing} them work against you.

{Emotions are not the evil bane of success seekers|Emotions may be considered by some to be the evil bane of those seeking success but it really isn't true}. As a matter of fact, {they|emotions} are powerful motivators and catalysts for success. {When properly directed and aligned by|Once properly plugged into} the success equation, they help produce phenomenal results. {Properly harnessed and used in this fashion,|Properly directed} the emotions are extremely beneficial friends rather than foes.

{For example, if you begin to think of yourself as a victim, you begin to feel like a victim|Imagine this scenario. If you feel emotionally that you are a victim, you then begin to think victim type thoughts which lead to victim type behavior which leads to victim type results that now justify and prove to you that you are right}. {All it takes is a tiny seed planted in your consciousness to take root and grow|The tiny seed you planted sprouts, takes root, and then bears fruit.}. {Soon you begin to see reasons that |Soon you begin to amass this data which then}support your strong emotional state and belief (you fertilize them). {This begins to strengthen your feelings and ideas about what you believe|This only strengthens the case that your belief is true}. You soon marry this belief and emotion with further conditioning, which produces a profound effect on your psyche. {You start to|You start to continually} produce results {in accord|that match} with your belief. You begin to {prove it|prove and justify your belief to yourself}. You {manifest|literally begin to manifest} your beliefs. The conclusions will {appear to be so completely plausible and real|be that you are correct} - regardless of whatever the truth may be - you will begin to act {upon them|upon your beliefs}, and to produce {validating|more validating} results in your life. {You will literally begin to attract outcomes, and like energy|You attract outcomes and like type energy} into your life as a result. It becomes your {reality|truth}! It is {your|your very own} self-fulfilling prophecy... It's the law of attraction in action. You {are influencing|literally influence} the fabric of creation.

Unfortunately, many of us have {reaped the perennial bitter harvest of emotional turbulence|unknowingly used this process to hold ourselves back} for far too long. {Inaccurate|This type of} emotional thinking is powerful indeed! Left unchecked I can be {absolute poison|kill joy} for those aspiring toward great success, abundance, MLM victory and wealth. {We must establish accurate thinking and we must weed from the internal realm of our beings the unprofitable and undesirable habits we may have cultivated there|You must weed out the inacurate emotional thinking habits in your life and replace them with empowering programming that produces the results you desire. The process is the same, only instead of unconscious use of the principle now we are harnessing it consciously to serve us}. {We must prepare our plot, and plant the new|Cultivate that inner field and pant} seeds of abundance and wealth within us. {These seeds of success, |Sow seed of abundance that}when well-tended, will produce the {harvest that we have been missing|bounty we desire} in life. {These seeds of MLM and life success include the habit of accurate thinking empowered by emotion, rather than emotional thinking leading to inaccurate mental assumptions and results|Plant seed for life success in your rows, and use emotion for your benefit rather than your detriment.}. Remember the thinker thinks and the prove-er proves.

{Emotional thinking, rather than accurate thinking, is most often based in|Thinking from a purely emotional standpoint rather than an rational standpoint often bases our thoughts in} fear, pride, ego and opinion. {Pride often rebels at the thought that|Pride quickly rebels at the notion} you won't get something you want, and fear {sounds the alarm that|balks at the thought} you may be going to lose something {you've already acquired|already have}. {The ego is attached to both of these, as well as to|Ego has it's claws firmly anchored in both of these as well as} the persistent belief that your external accomplishments define who you are. This ego-centered {thinking|mania} assumes that material possessions, status, prestige, and others' opinions of you, {make you|define} who you are. This is {ass|hog ass} backwards. {This absolute fallacy|This felonious misconception} often dominates our {egocentric thinking|thinking}, motives, and {self|self-worth}. {Each of us|Everyone} suffers the effects of this to varying degrees. The world at large is a victim. {Of course, this is a giant generalization|This of course is a gigantic generalization}, but it {neatly illustrates the point|nicely demonstrates} that if we continue to be driven and {controlled by these motives|motivated by} (ego centered goals and their fulfillment through outer materialism), we shall forever {fail to know|fall short of} the abundance of true freedom, happiness, fulfillment, and love. Because {it is the inner realm that|our inner world} manifests outward results, there is little wonder that the kind of ego-centered living we just described fails to produce {what we need and want most|the lives we desire most}. {In short,|Putting it bluntly} we will fail to attain true success, and we will know little of true abundance, or peace in life. What I'm saying here is pretty deep {I know, but|I realize, so} just re-read it slowly and {begin to let the ideas sink in|allow the ideas I am sharing to take root and grow}.

If we are to make intelligent decisions concerning our lives, our MLM businesses and our success, we {will need to be freed from the bonds of inaccurate thinking|simply cannot allow unfounded or detrimental emotions to control our thinking and manifestation process}. {We'll start with an awareness of the problem|Awareness of the potential problem will be enough} for right now. {Eventually we shall need to develop|Eventually though we will need to develop} true honesty with ourselves, with life, and with others. Our self-centered, emotionally dictated ideas and motives (to whatever degree they may exist) must become supplanted by loving and accurate perspectives instead. {This opens the door to true abundance in living|This will begin to crack the door wide open to a new abundance in life}. {We are talking about|I'm begining to describe to you a picture of} true success and true wealth now. {This is the stuff that goes along with the money and accomplishment|This stuff I'm describing to you combined with money and accomplishment combines} to make your life simply amazing. {Until harnessed, this liability and closed door|Until these liabilities are checked and that door is cracked open setbacks } may continue to deny you {at every step on your|every step of your} journey toward true success, happiness, and fulfillment. Essentially you must first crack open that door. {Then, you must begin to walk through it|Only then can you begin to breakthrough}.

{Emotional thinking must be conquered, and the best weapon we have to defeat it|Accurate thinking must be mastered and the best tool we possess for the job} is rigorous honesty with ourselves and a principle called willingness. Self-centered ego and pride may only be {countered|overcome|defeated} by "other-centered" motives, action and living. {You'll need to develop rigorous honesty|Rigorous honesty is a principle you must eventually develop} in your life. "A Compelling Reason Why" with {greater-than-self|other-centered} motives begins a pathway to "other-centered" living. You will discover {more of the secrets of this|more secrets of the} process as you continue {to learn|learning} more of the "MLM Success Equation.

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