Success Truth #11: You must engage The Power of Your True Self

By: Dave Schlueter

Have you ever found yourself listening to a negative thought, or voice inside your head? Is it perhaps an aggravating nagging internal banter that argues, second guesses you, and instills negativity, anger, or fear, into what would otherwise be a glorious day? What did the noise share with you? Did it share things like... "You can't." "You're not good enough." "This will never work," "You'll never..." Maybe you heard even worse than that? Where is that noise coming from? Did this voice join you in life or were you born with it inside?

Where does the voice come from within you? Does it come from your head, chest, or stomach? Does it come from elsewhere? Is it really representative of who you are? Do you think it is really representative of the spiritual being that you are? Can you hear it right now if you try? Search for that noise right now.... Turn that noise up now.... Turn it up until it is screaming loud at you.

How do you feel with this voice in the forefront of your attention? Imagine your days this way all day long.. Would you be okay with this biting at you for a whole weeks' time? What if your entire year was spent this way. What would your life be like? See and feel it clearly yourself clearly. Is success in your life? Are you happy? Are you still healthy? What do you feel like inside? What do you think your finances would look like? Are you happy or are you sad most of the time? What do you think your relationships with others would be like and what kind of shape do you think your dreams would be in?

Okay please stop. Really… now I want you to turn this voice way, way down until it's just barely a whisper. Continue to do this until you can't hear the negative voice anymore. Now how does it feel?

Now imagine a whole day this way with quiet inside your private thoughts, instead of the possibly incessantly insidious remarks you've been accustomed to. The negative noise can't touch you anymore. There is only quiet here inside you now. Imagine a month, or even a whole year experiencing this kind of solitude? Would your life be better than in your previous encounter? How different would your life be?

You have just identified the power a negative voice has to disrupt many facets of your life. A negative voice that is left unchecked works to bring more and more negative outcomes in your life. This law of attraction continues to play itself out as long as you continue to engage in it. This is law and make no mistake about it your life results will respond to it.

Forget about the negative voice for a moment, and let yourself relax. Clear your mind. Is there a naturally positive and constructive voice that dwells in you? Yes or no? Is it a small voice or large? Does this voice on occasion pump you up about life, instilling confidence, purpose and a sense of rightness to your actions? Do you think this voice within you represents the deeper, more honest, full potential of who you are? Can you feel it? Is it more of a voice, or a feeling? Maybe it's both? The voice may not be there all the time, but it's in you, and more importantly it is you. See if you can find that voice that is you right now.

Find that supportive feeling or voice - the ally within you... Find the source within that isn't afraid to dream and go for it, set big goals and win... Just let go of resistance for a moment. See if you can really experience and feel the sensations this presents. Find the great source that affirms "You Can!" and cheers you on from within.

Where does this feeling live? What aspects differ with these two voices and feelings you have about them? What does it feel or sound like and what does it have to communicate to you? More importantly what kind of feelings do you experience when you are in tune with this voice, rather than the other? Can you sense it? Does it feel any different and if so then how?

Let's experiment now and turn this voice up. Turn it way up! Increase the intensity of communication you have with this source. What does this source have to say? Maybe there are thoughts and feelings of assurance that uncover sensations that seem to say: "I can do this!" "I am good enough" or "way to go!" "This is the way." or "Go for it!" Perhaps you even begin to hear the negative voice trying to gain the upper hand - Its Chicken Little like nature may be screaming danger, danger, the sky is falling!

How different is this voice from the other one? Try to identify the characteristics. Where did this voice come from? Once again were you born with this source or did you acquire it? Has this voice or inner feeling always been a part of you, even though it may have been obscured by other forces and influences? Has this source ever served you well in a sense of guidance or assistance with life - if it has when and what was the outcome.

Try to remember if you have ever followed that voice and what the outcome was? What has generally been the result when you follow the positive voice within you? Did the outcome serve to benefit either yourself or someone else? How did you feel as listened and followed this voice? Do you trust it?

Could this be the voice of your more true self? Only you can really decide what this voice means to you. But, does it feel closer to your heart than that of the other negative voice? Could this voice or feeling within you represent the real and essential you? Could it represent the being that has always been within you, even in spite of the mental static, worries, disappointment, torture, and torment we often experience and spend our lifetimes indulging? Whatever the case may be we have established that it is there within you, and it is real.

Perhaps we have found the magnificent you? Whatever the case may be does this source desire to shine forth and bring you triumphantly into the life that you dream about? From which of these two extremes do your dreams truly emanate? Which of these sources is truly most like you? Which voice supports success and abundance and which one gets in the way? You can forget about which voice you hear right now, which voice do you want to hear from now on? Which voice will you turn up and which voice will you turn down?. Which is most like your inner being and not the melodramatic ramblings of your physical mind?

This source is often the place from which your inspiration speaks. This true voice, intuition, feeling, etc. is connected to the fertile birthing ground of all possibility, and when aligned in harmonious connection with the creative energy in the universe, it can be relied upon as a true and steadfast guide for living. This kind of inner vision and guidance of course requires refinement and technique of course. It may sound baffling to some but it is actually easier to establish than you might think. Remember the objective is to achieve new empowering habits for success and abundance - habits that work. Connecting with the true positive voice inside you that supports you and comes from within is one of those habits.

It's not people that are going to stop you; it is the doubts, fears, and beliefs inside your head that will stop you. Remember that your true nature is not lack or fear. The negative voice in no way represents your true nature. Some people are so lost they refuse to believe this. Unfortunately that belief is toxic to your success.

Reconnecting with your true self will be essential for true and abundant life long success. Turning the negative voice down inside you and turning up and responding to the positive voice and intuition inside you must become a priority. Seed your consciousness, your life, and your world with inspiring messages and energy on a regular basis. Don't allow negative habits withing you any ground. Don't give it any light to grow. Do not nourish them with your attention or concern. Cultivate the power of your tru self and direct it intelligently for your greatest life ever.

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