Success Truth #10: You Must Have Vision

By: Dave Schlueter

Ask any peak performance athlete whether they believe visualization is a critical aspect of peak athletic performance. Ask them how often they employ the technique in their training and you may be surprised. Most of them will attest to the absolute importance of this technique and many report that they fail to use it nearly enough. It would seem then that the positive results for performance athletes then are unquestionable.

You might not want to set off on your journey to MLM success or life success without first understanding the power of visioning. Visioning will serve you well on your voyage. It will multiply your results in MLM and in life to produce increased speed and efficiency when you use it correctly.

Learn to live from your goals, as though you already possesed them, rather than merely thinking about them. Thinking and desiring is not enough to produce significant results. There isn't enough energy transmitted to the cosmic computer between your ears to produce a large scale effect. You must generate large energy waves that impact you consciousness and send loud clear messages that declare your intent. It is this cosmic computer whose resources must be fully employed, in order to materialize what we seek. If you do not accomplish this then you stand alone without fully engaging all the resources at your disposal to create success. The universe will assist you but you must send it your loud and clear intentions. If you desire peak performance, MLM success, wealth, and abundance, you must harness this potential energy by using visioning.

Your sub-conscious mind will find answers for you but you need to know how to send it what you want. You must send clear instructions about what it is you seek to manifest. Most people don't really understand how to use this powerful resource and hence they fail to get the massive results in life that they desire. When you learn to use visioning properly you will set into motion a train of events and circumstances, both spiritual and material in nature that will work toward the fulfillment of your requests. Desire alone is simply not enough. You must apply more power to the process.

The requests you send through visioning may be good, bad, or neutral, so it is imperative you understand how you are using this powerful technique in your life to co-create outcomes. Many people use a form of diluted visioning on a regular basis. Unfortunately they use the technique to their detriment instead of thei benefit. They can't figure out why things keep going badly yet never seem to grasp their part in it. They see feel and imagine negative outcomes in their life on a regular basis and then things go badly as a rusult. Is it any wonder they don't achieve the life they desire? The principle of attraction is working, but it's working to their detriment not to their advantage. The power of visioning is being used against them as a weapon of their own self-destruction.

Visioning requires proper technique, and practice. When you learn to vision corectly with such intensity as to actually feel yourself in possession of the things you seek, you transmit an unshakable message to the sub-conscious transmitting station of your mind. However, you must do this with intensity, focus, clarity, intention, faith and emotion to get the greatest response.

What are the greatest desires and dreams of your heart? What are the reasons behind this intention that motivate you the most? Use the power of your mind and creative imagination to make this as real as possible within you! Experience what it feels like to possess your dream. How does it feel? Who's sharing this scene with you and what are you doing? What is your life like, and how has it changed from where you're at today?

When you do visioning exercises regularly you help to manifest the inner world visions into outter world results. You add power to the experience by examining all the details, colors, sights, feelings and smells as vividly as you can. Proficiency will improve with practice. Try to add to this the belief that this is real, it's yours, and that you own it. Embrace clarity, detail, and emotions as intensely as possible. Then if possible, work backwards from your destination to the present. See and experience all the necessary details along the way. This may reveal some clues about how you might get there. More will be revealed in time.

Feel yourself accomplishing the things you vision. The key is to make it as real as possible and experience it as much as possible, and believe in it as much as possible. Believe and act as though it were already yours, and as though you already possess it. It is only a matter of manifesting it from spiritual reality into time and space reality. This energy input actually begins that process into action, and you continually strengthen the likelihood of this outcome with each new visioning experience and additional success factor you add to the process.

This technique has been used by shamans for millennia to produce results that could only be described as magic. Jesus spoke and taught this process to all who would listen. The level of faith and belief in the vision helps it to materialize. The process sets the incredible power of your sub-conscious to work on the details of manifesting this reality. The conscious and sub-conscious mind influences universal energy and resources to perform the task. It may sound strange to you I know, but witness the miracle of healing and spend some time studying cancer survivors and other supposed miracles that science can't explain, and you will find this principle at work.

All the necessary resources, energy, connections, etc. are available to you in the universe. Visioning is a way to transmit a strong impulse and clear message to the creative intelligence within the universe. It's not magic that creates miracles it's power. Creative achievers use this resource all the time to generate remarkable results. You can to. One of the foremost tasks is marshaling all the available resources at your disposal to work for you and ease the burden of achieving your success; visioning should be one of the powerful resources at your disposal.

The visioning experience literally magnetizes your brain to attract what you have desired into your life. It helps attune you vibrationally to your vision. Your intention and attention when focused in such a fashion on a particular worthy ambition, helps set creative force energy to work for you. This is critical. This actually produces a physical effect upon the fabric of creation so to speak. It's co-creation where you are aligning yourself with the laws of the universe and the creative intelligence within it to influence a particular future or create an outcome in life. Your creative input when properly empowered actually manipulates the material fabric of creation to influence a result. There is no magic in it, only refined technique mastered by people over the centuries which produces amazing results. This is often only referred to as magic.

The sub-conscious mind properly aligned, with a definite purpose behind it, and tapped into higher power and purpose, has access to incredible organizational and creative ability. Set creation to work for you . Whatever it is you seek in life, "believe that ye receive it." There is great power to be discovered in visioning. All you need are the right techniques and clear intent to get started.

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