Success In Bad Economy

By: Franky Tong

These days, more and more people are recognizing the potential of entrepreneurship as a potential source of income. This is, of course, in the aftermath of the economic crisis during which larger companies and businesses have decided to fire some employees in order to break even. This is bad enough, but if one considers the fact that given the financial problems of the world as a whole we could expect less hirings for a while yet, then one would come to see that we have ended up with a bit of a problem: we have lost jobs and no one is hiring. What, then, can we do?

While some have discovered some passive modes of income that would keep them afloat, there are others who have decided that they don't want to be working for someone else anyway they want people working for them instead. It is these people who decide that entrepreneurship is probably one of the best ways for them to get a new lease in life. But entrepreneurship, is, of course, quite competitive especially now that most of us are strapped for cash. How, then can an entrepreneur succeed in these conditions?

First and foremost, keep it slow and steady. Figure out what kind of venture you would enjoy and would be most comfortable with. Once you have it figured out, then study your ass off to learn everything you need to know about running such a business on a small scale. You read that right try not to reach too high at first, start small and let it grow. That being said, you also need to determine just how much demand your venture would have if there isn't a demand, find low-cost ways of generating it. Most of your investment should be on the product or service you are offering if they are not quality items, then people are not likely to pay as much money as you hope they would. Once you have generated an interest and a handsome income from this, you can then think of expanding. Maybe you can even have your own empire.

You see, all it takes is hard work, perseverance, and focus. Don't expect immediate success; expect a whole lot of responsibility rewarded by progress.

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Franky Tong
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