Stupid? Tattoos or People !!

By: harveytred12

When you spend so much time and money to look different and cool when you heard that the idea of tattoos are stupid I know it may come as a huge shock of many of you, We know you spend long and hard time to cover your body parts with that tattoo, because that tells us some different characters and story of distinctiveness. Who obtain these tattoos they think that tattoos guiding them about do not copy or follow anyone just spend your life in your own way, who have tattoos on their body telling others how interesting and guiding person they are. But my topic showing that tattoos are much stupid or people are here we decide and who are stupider.
Look Different:
I feel tattoos are the foolish idea but here we can see so many of them needs to look like different itís called a self-esteem. If you think you will stimulate people with some wishy-washy symbol or wizard full imaginings but you are totally misguided I know you are free of all your acts, if you desire to tattoo yourself, it is totally your matters it's not the person's headache, look different is an awesome idea but why the way you are using to look different this is important. The people who have tattoos they are very self-centered, superiority and has some pump up feelings of pomposity we usually donít like those people sorry if I am wrong but itís true.

Means something Important:
These tattoos are everything for those who wear these symbols, sometime shapes and a memorial of a dead friend and relative. Even they represent their life stories through these tattoos. It's very irritating because of those who never try to forget their problems and troubles which they faced or not even try to leave their past. Well itís not all mean but it's also not a memory to always remember and Ruined your present and future. Thatís why we can say tattoos are stupid, people even make their self too. Tattoo people things that they are creating a memorable culture they feel they are very interesting people, yes, in some means they are but not always. I feel that your tattoo appears to be interesting than yourself.
Like or Hate, Forget it : so many people donít like those who look like movie characters, they think that these people are showing their mentality that they are scarred and insecure about life and their present and past as well. In other hand today we can say that most people who get tattooed themselves simply need attention or some importance of others. So many views we are getting in our daily life sometime we think that they are right but in other side we think that we are right what we are doing with our life. But I think whatever we do first we think it is true or false if the answer shows majority false so please do not do and donít give yourself any tensions.

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