Stunning silk flower arrangements

By: Vikram Kuamr

A beautiful house will also have many things apart from beautiful furniture to make it look attractive. Works of art, photographs, lamps, frames and silk flower arrangements all work together to pull a room together. Some people might argue and say that the real thing looks and feel better than artificial flowers. There is no doubt that real flowers and plants add life to the home and lend a natural freshness to it. But the fact also remains that the silk flowers that are available today are very different from the ones that used to be available earlier. The current day ones are as real-looking as their “live” counterparts.

The benefits of silk flowers
Any good furniture store in your neighborhood will stock them and the varieties are innumerable. There are numerous advantages to using silk flowers in the home:

Beauty- They are vibrant and do not fade or deteriorate over a period of time and are now becoming a preferred alternative.
Strength- These artificial flowers are very tough. Bending the stem wrong will not break it and the blooms do not get bruised our damaged.
Weather-proof- Extremes of cold and heat do not affect them so no matter what the temperature outside or inside the house, they will keep looking as fresh as the day you bought them.
Long lasting-They literally last forever and you can experiment with various flower arrangements to get the look you desire. No matter how many times you arrange and rearrange them they will not wilt.
Cost effective- Because of the cost factor, it is not always possible to buy a variety of fresh flowers all at once. In addition to cost, since they are easily perishable, you have to pick and choose and buy them. This means that you will always have a limited choice. However, this is not the case with silk flowers. You can buy different blooms all at once and make varied arrangements.
Perennial- You don’t have to bow down to nature and use seasonal flowers. You can buy almost any flower that is either native to your part of the world to another country. Your bouquets no longer have to be season-specific or region-specific.
Repairable- These artificial flowers are very forgiving. If you clip the stem too short while arranging them in a vase, you can simply use a little florist tape and wire and fix it and it will be as good as new. If any flower head comes loose, all you have to do is glue it on with some hot glue.
Exchangeable- Sometimes, real flowers look good at the florists but somehow when you bring them home, they do not seem to fit in. In cases such as this there is not much you can do and you just have to continue using them till you can actually throw them away. When you buy silk flowers from a furniture store, if for some reason, you feel that they don’t look too good after you take them home, you can always have them exchanged.

Silk flowers are a convenient option to real ones. They do not need water or floral foam and you do not have to replenish the water every now and then. They are light and fresh and long-lasting, they can be used in little vases to add a special touch to your window arrangements as well.

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Linly Designs is a Furniture store that has silk flowers for your Flower arrangements . These beautiful and vibrant blooms are long-lasting and attractive.

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